Wednesday, February 17, 2021


I guess when you know what pitch is coming, it makes it easier to compile numbers.  This is the only way to currently view Houston Astros shortstop Carlos Correa who it seems like just yesterday was the guy everyone in the fantasy baseball community was drooling over as the former 2012 number 1 pick overall went nuts right out of the MLB gate when he posted HR/SB totals of 22/14 and 20/13 his first two seasons in the league.  It was at that point however where serious injuries began to take hold and almost from the start of his third season in 2017, Correa pretty much completely lost the ability or desire to steal bases.  With that very precious tool removed from his fantasy baseball statistical belt, it made it more imperative that Correa continue to hit for big power and post swell counting numbers in RBI and runs.  While Correa overall remained solid on those categories, he was not great either.  

Fast forward to there last two seasons and of course we have the whole trash can banging scandal that has marred the Astros since the start of the 2020 season.  With the Astros having been exposed as knowing ahead of time what pitches were coming at a high rate, it immediately called into question all of the offensive numbers Correa and his teammates put forth during the pre-2000 campaigns.  Thus, when Correa then went out and batted just .264 with all of 5 home runs in 58 games last season, it made one wonder just how much the scandal helped prop up the numbers in the first place.  

In essence this is the situation facing all prospective owners of Correa for 2021.  Not only has he completely lost his stolen base game which is no small thing but now he suddenly is struggling to hit and hit for power which brings us back to how much the scandal helped him. Given that shortstop is incredibly deep this season, it stands to reason that Correa is simply not worth the trouble this season.  Remember too that the reason we all lusted after him in the first place was because of the power/speed game and that aspect has been gone for a few seasons now.  So add it all together and Correa really is not worth the stress of owning this season unless he came dirt cheap and even then he still appears to be a shaky investment in this peanut stand's opinion.  

2021 PROJECTION:  .263 14 HR 65 RBI 67 R 2 SB

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