Tuesday, May 7, 2019


We all know the spring cliche that April showers being May flowers but there is also a trend in the fantasy baseball universe when it comes to rookie pitchers and hitters.  It goes pretty much according to the lines of said hotshot rookie bursting out of the gates in April with mammoth home runs and 10-K shutouts as they take advantage of opposition that has little to no book on their tendencies.  We all then swoon over these prospect gems who make us feel validated for reaching for them in drafts just a few weeks earlier.  Alas, the fantasy baseball season is a six month marathon and more often then not for these players, May often brings forth a crash into rookie reality as the strikeouts begin to pile up for the hitters and the 5 earned run outings for the pitcher.  Opposing players now have a concrete scouting report to attack and soon the numbers began to lose a lot of shine as May proceeds.  While we are just a week into the month, we are already seeing this trend develop with New York Mets hulking first base slugger Pete Alonso who was the toast of fantasy baseball in April as he hit over .300 for most of the month with 9 home runs but then soon began to pile up the fruitless at-bats as May approached.  Now with May underway, Alonso has continued to struggle in hitting .250 with zero home runs through the first week and the strikeouts are beginning to pile up. 

Overall as we head into Tuesday's action, Alonso was hitting .271 with 9 home runs and 27 RBI which are tremendous numbers but spring concerns about the strikeouts and the negative impact it would have on his batting average are beginning to reveal themselves as his K/9 is up to 29.9 which is a very scary number.  Now Alonso is drawing walks as shown by his 10.2 BB/9 which will help keep the average from being totally dragged down but still there is cause for concern right now about how long this slump will go on.  If it drags well into May, it is not out of the realm of possibility Alonso goes back down to the minors to get his confidence back up and so this is something to watch closely.  The sell high window on Alonso was about a week ago so if you are an owner, you have to hold tight until at least the next home run goes out.  While overall Alonso should be just fine, just know that there is never any set pattern with any rookie pitcher or hitter. 

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