Tuesday, May 14, 2019


After dealing with the never-ending injuries and underwhelming performance of Travis D'Arnaud for the better part of the last five seasons, the New York Mets finally decided to open up the vault to sign a veteran backstop with a strong offensive background to solve the gaping hole they have carried around at the spot.  That came in the form of All-Star Wilson Ramos who, despite his own stark injury history, has proven to have one of the best bats of any catcher in baseball who combined a .280-plus average with solid 15-20 homer power.  Despite the risk of more injuries, Ramos was widely viewed as a locked-in top-five fantasy baseball catcher and he was drafted as such.  Unfortunately, the Mets front office are likely sitting with their mouths agape when they gaze at Ramos' numbers going into Tuesday's action:

1 HR
19 RBI
14 R
0 SB
18.9 K/9
7.9 BB/9
.286 BABIP
.299 OBP

Needless to say, Ramos has been so much less than anticipated with the bat with just a single home run a month and a half into the season and his average has severely lagged behind as well.  Now it does need to be said that Ramos' 18/9 K/9 and 7.9 BB/9 are both very solid numbers and pretty much align with previous norms for him but the power has been completely absent and the exit velocities are lagging also.  Now it does need to be said that Ramos is already 31 and he will turn 32 this August.  We don't need to remind you that catcher typically begin to lose their offensive games when they hit the age of 30 and Buster Posey is only the latest example of this.  Another comparison that may fit even more with Ramos is Jonathan Lucroy who went from being a top catcher one season to almost a complete zero the next when he too reached past the age 30 mark.  Now we are not saying Ramos is doomed to follow in Lucroy's footsteps but it also is not out of the realm of possibility he is eroding sharply given his age and past workloads.  Those who are holding stock in Ramos need to be very concerned here and while I wouldn't suggest cutting him loose, I also would start exploring some fallback options if this continues on. 


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