Saturday, May 11, 2019


Should we be surprised?  I mean really?  After all, underachieving and Yasiel Puig go hand-in-hand going back to his early years with the Los Angeles Dodgers.  In addition, tumult and Yasiel Puig go hand-in-hand as immaturity and run-ins with management have peppered his career to this point as well.  Through all that however, there was still an immense level of talent within Puig who not only possessed tape-measure power but also could steal bases with impressive speed.  So while things didn't work out in Los Angeles, Puig's trade to the Cincinnati Reds last winter go the hype meter moving again since he was now going from a prime pitcher's park with the Dodgers to a launching pad home in his new locale.  A big spring training served to only heighten the excitement as well.  Unfortunately, the same old Puig narrative has held true as he has struggled with the bat from Opening Day all the way through the first week of May to where he now sits with the following numbers:

5 HR
19 RBI
15 R
6 SB
23.0 K/9
6.1 BB/9
.232 BABIP

Anyone who has watched Puig in particularly over the last week would see a player consumed with frustration as he seemingly is slamming his bat down every game and mouthing loud obscenities the TV audio is picking up.  Thus, it is no shock to see Puig's walks are down and his strikeouts are up which are hallmarks for a pressing player.  Given the mental weaknesses of Puig in terms of maturity, these issues are only exacerbated here.  Still, Puig has had some rotten luck as shown by his horribly unlucky .232 BABIP and that number surely will move back towards the mean at some point.  Through the ugly .206 average, Puig's 5/6 split in homers/steals is actually not too bad and it is particualrly nice to see him run as much as he has.  Only 28 as of this writing, Puig is just entering into the early stages of his prime so a big rebound should be on the way.  However given that nothing ever goes smoothly here, you may want to watch how much you are willing to pay here.  Overall, Puig is too talented to continue to struggle like this and a smart buy low where the price is not out of control could pay off nicely. 

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