Saturday, April 6, 2019


Think there are some regrets when it comes to Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Adam Jones both throughout MLB and also throughout the world of fantasy baseball?  After all, Jones jacked his fourth home run of the season Friday night and also raised his batting average to a scorching .389 despite the fact he was not signed until D-Backs came calling in the middle of spring training.  By now the narrative is well known about how Jones and many other MLB veterans above the age of 30 have found free agency to be a big challenge the last two offseasons and since no one seemed to want the former All-Star, the lack of appreciation in his remaining skills resulted in him not even getting drafted in some leagues this past March.  Be that as it may, Jones is certainly proving that he still has a potent bat and life as a top OF 3 seems set based on the early results. 

Now in terms of the numbers, there is no denying the fact Jones has become less of a dynamic player now that he is 33.  Once a 15-stolen base contributor, Jones has been in single digits each of the last five seasons as that category has fallen by the wayside.  Despite the loss of the steals, Jones remained as safe a four-category producer as one could get as he hit between 26 and 29 homers each season from 2014 through 2017 and generally was in the .280 average range.  Add in 80-plus RBI and runs during that span and Jones was a guy who always yielded numbers for what started becoming quite affordable draft prices.  Then 2018 happened as Jones seemed to become an old man overnight.  His homers slipped to just 15. while the runs/RBI came in at 54/63 respectively.  Still, Jones managed to hit .281 and his bat speed didn't seem to have slipped much if at all.  While many concluded that Jones was shot as a prime player, another narrative that would have been acceptable was that the downright putrid state of the O's last season more than led to the slip in the numbers. 

Fast forward to present time and the latter opinion certainly appears to be the case as Jones' bat speed is right on par as his prime years and he is driving the ball with authority.  A change of scenery can do a veteran player stuck in a losing situation wonders and while the D-Backs may have a miserable season themselves, Jones seems refreshed and at least back to being a very good OF 3.  With just a 13.2 K/9 through the first week-plus of the season, Jones' approach seems just fine and so if he is still available in any league, do yourself a favor and make the add. 

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