Thursday, April 11, 2019


Heading into the 2019 fantasy baseball season, the Baltimore Orioles arguably had the least amount of usable hitters/pitchers for our fake game and it wasn't even close for second.  While second baseman Jonathan Villar was the exception given his excellence in stealing bases, no one else up and down the lineup netted anything more than a very late round pick.  With that said, perhaps many missed the boat on outfielder Trey Mancini who first gave an indication he could contribute with the bat in fantasy baseball back during his 2017 debut but a rough encore campaign in 2018 send him to the netherworld when it came to drafts this past spring.  Fast forward to present day and Mancini just got done smacking his sixth home run of the season on Wednesday which raised his average to .362 and bumped his runs/RBI totals to 12.  Just now entering into his prime after turning 27 this past March, it appears Mancini's early performance has some legs to it but as always lets dig in on the advanced metrics to get a better read on this. 

As noted earlier, Mancini first burst onto the scene in 2017 when he came up to smack 24 home runs and bat .293 for the Orioles; a performance that put him right into the firm OF 3 territory due to the fact those numbers were backed up by some swell minor league metrics.  Specifically speaking, Mancini hit .300 or better in 5 out of 7 minor league stops prior to arriving in Baltimore and they were accompanied by solid power that portended what was to come in the major leagues.  Unfortunately, Mancini couldn't avoid the dreaded sophomore jinx that takes down so many young hitters these days and he struggled so badly during the first half of 2018 that he was cut loose from the majority of his original owners.  Still, Mancini stayed with it and the second half was a different story as he got back on track and actually wound up finishing with the same 24 homers from his rookie campaign.  Yes, the .242 average was nasty but an unlucky .285 BABIP helped in that matter.

So as we sit here today, Mancini is fully taking advantage of a plush spot in the middle of the Orioles lineup and his advanced rates are improved almost across the board as well.  On the latter front, Mancini's 7.7 BB/9 is a career-best so far and his 19.2 K/9 as well.  Yes, a lucky .344 BABIP will have to be answered for eventually but Mancini seems set to further solidify himself as a firm OF 3 whose is only held back with pretty much no contribution in the stolen base category. 

In the end, Trey Mancini is a stable commodity who should have a firm everyday spot in daily fantasy baseball lineups and while the Orioles will undoubtedly be awful this season, their slugging outfielder should be a bright spot. 

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