Monday, February 25, 2019


Boy is shortstop busting at the seams in terms of high-end offensive production and 2019 drives this point home since as many as 7 guys from here could be picked in the first two rounds.  With that said, here is who I am targeting and avoiding in drafts this spring.


Francisco Lindor, Manny Machado, Trea Turner, Alex Bregman:  While I like to go five-tool OF/1B among my first two picks, the slip in the first base position has me now considering SS-OF instead.  On that front, I would not hesitate in the least to take anyone from Lindor, Machado, Turner, or Bregman who are all five-tool monsters in any league.  All will require first round picks but all are fully worth the cost.

Jean Segura:  An annual favorite of this space, Segura is the perfect consolation prize if you miss out on the top guys I mentioned above.  Always dependable to contribute in all five categories, Segura tends to slip in drafts since he doesn't blow up any one category.  Still, the move to Philadelphia gives him a nice ballpark boost and another small uptick in numbers for Segura is likely. 

Corey Seager:  I know there is an understandable notion that Seager is a bit overrated which I won't ague with prior to 2018 but missing almost all of last season to Tommy John resulted in the draft cost here sliding into the range where he is actually quite attractive.  The bat has always been terrific and while you can knock Seager for not stealing bases, his ability as a .300 stick with 25 home run potential remains on par.

Jurickson Profar:  I love Profar for this season due to the fact he qualifies almost everywhere and the former top overall prospect helped in almost all categories a year ago.  The one area Profar was just mediocre in last season was average but even that number was depressed by an unlucky BABIP.  This is one stock still on the rise.

Jose Peraza:  Hey Peraza can hit and steal a bunch of bases too which automatically makes him one to target in today's speed-vanishing game.  There is even a smidge of power here too so Peraza has a lot to offer. 


Trevor Story:  Listen I was blown away by Story's 2018 as everyone else was but let's see him steal as many bases again and also hit for average which were outlier firsts last season. 

Carlos Correa:  I used to be a big fan of Correa but two straight seasons of serious injury and stolen bases that have dried up already are two major red flags.

Chris Taylor:  While I don't think Taylor will be as bad as he was in 2018, I am still on the side that says his 2017 breakout was a non-repeatable outlier breakout. 

Tim Anderson:  Another guy who was quietly very good last season in terms of power/speed was Anderson but his aversion to walks and annually hideous batting averages put a major dent into his overall contributions. 

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