Tuesday, December 11, 2018


With the 2018 fantasy football playoffs now into the semifinal rounds, let's see where the QB's stand as we get ready to put the finishing touches on the proceedings. 

1.  Patrick Mahomes:  Meet the new no-doubt top QB for present and 2019 fantasy football.  Not even close for second.
2.  Drew Brees:  Tremendous season until Brees has hit the skids in December for the second year in a row.  Still showing troubling road issues as well. 
3.  Andrew Luck:  It goes to show you that when healthy, Luck is still as good as there is.  His days of running however may be finished given that he has just 101 on the ground for the season as of this writing. 
4.  Aaron Rodgers:  Not the year Rodgers' owners were anticipating but a new offense tailored to his strengths should ensure a nice rebound in 2019. 
5.  Jared Goff:  Give me Sean McVay's QB anytime. 
6.  Cam Newton:  Newton was having an MVP season until his shoulder went bad.  Still the premier run/pass QB in all of fantasy football.
7.  Philip Rivers:  A lifetime underrated achievement award belongs here.
8.  Matt Ryan:  Ryan is back in the fantasy football good graces with his second monster year in three seasons.
9.  Ben Roethlisberger:  The numbers are phenomenal but we put Big Ben here given the uncertainty of his coming back for 2019.
10. Russell Wilson:  There are some razor-thin margins here given that Wilson has thrown it at a rate below everyone listed above him but high TD total and continued rushing contributions make him worth being placed higher.
11. Carson Wentz:  Take full advantage of any Carson Wentz discount next season. 
12. Tom Brady:  It goes to show you how deep QB is now that we have Brady this far down.  The overall numbers are down this season and Brady may lose Gronk for 2019 due to retirement as he heads into his age-42 campaign.  A smidge less confidence than we previously have had here. 
13. Mitchell Trubisky:  Yes the interceptions have spiked lately but other than Cam Newton there is not a better run/pass QB in the game.  Also gets bonus points for being in a Matt Nagy offense.
14. DeShaun Watson:  We always have to worry about injuries but Watson has generally been very good this season coming off the ACL tear.
15. Kirk Cousins:  Given the offensive weapons at his disposal, there is no reason Cousins should have the mediocre numbers he is carrying along all season. 
16. Matthew Stafford:  Rough season for sure here but Stafford has generally been a very good buy throughout his career.  Don't count out a nice rebound.

17. Jimmy Garoppolo
18. Baker Mayfield
19. Josh Allen
20. Marcus Mariota
21. Jameis Winston
22. Lamar Jackson
23. Dak Prescott
24. Josh Rosen
25. Eli Manning
26. Josh Rosen
27. Andy Dalton
28. Derek Carr
29. Blake Bortles
30. Case Keenum

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