Thursday, October 11, 2018


Reaffirming how the fantasy baseball season is six months long and not three, we present to you the maddening 2018 campaign of Arizona Diamondbacks All-Star first baseman Paul Goldschmidt.  A locked-in superstar who had been an incredibly dominant five-tool fantasy baseball for years, Goldschmidt was almost universally seen as one of the most stable prospective first-round picks given the fact he was flat in his prime at the age of 30 and was as durable a player as there is.  What happened next almost defied comprehension as a slow start to the season in March/April (.273, 4 HR, 30.3 K/9) soon morphed into a comically inept May (.144, 3 HR, 31.5 K/9) that actually elicited outlandish talk that Goldschmidt was going through a premature decline or that he was maybe on steroids previously.  While we were as shocked as anyone about how poorly Goldschmidt was swinging the bat, patience was preached from this peanut stand given his youth and for the fact, the veteran was simply fighting through an extended slump which happens to everyone at various times.  Thus, it was no shock when Goldy proceeded to go absolutely nuclear with the bat from that point onward as he batted .364 in June, .317 in July, and .356 in August to completely re-establish himself as the premier first baseman in fantasy baseball.  Despite those rough first two months, Goldy still ended up with another overall dominant campaign as he batted .290 with 33 home runs, 95 runs, and 83 RBI while making it four seasons in a row accruing at least 665 at-bats.  In terms of the advanced metrics, Goldschmidt's K/9 went up a bit to 25.1 but that was skewed by the 30.0-plus marks the first two months of the season.  The remaining four months saw Goldy back to around career norms which means there is no need to say there are some growing holes in his bat.  Really, the only quibble we have with Goldy was the massive drop in stolen bases as he swiped just 7 in 2018 (down from 32 and then 18 the two years prior) but this is no shock when you consider that bigger-bodied players like the D-backs slugger tend to lose their speed quickly when they reach the age of 30.  So while we need to project the loss of steals in Goldy's price tag moving forward, he is still top-shelf in the other four categories which place him again in first-round territory.
2019 PROJECTION:  .295 34 HR 107 RBI 104 R 8 SB  

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