Thursday, August 23, 2018


With Week 1 just a little more than two weeks away, here is an updated look at the 2018 fantasy football quarterback rankings heading into the season.

1.  Aaron Rodgers
2.  Russell Wilson
3.  Tom Brady
4.  Drew Brees
5.  DeShaun Watson
6.  Kirk Cousins
7.  Matthew Stafford
8.  Cam Newton
9.  Carson Wentz
10. Philip Rivers
11. Jimmy Garoppolo
12. Ben Roethlisberger
13. Andrew Luck
14. Jared Goff
15. Matt Ryan
16. Patrick Mahomes
17. Alex Smith
18. Case Keenum
19. Derek Carr
20. Marcus Mariota
21. Eli Manning
22. Jameis Winston
23. Mitch Trubisky
24. Andy Dalton
25. Blake Bortles
26. Dak Prescott
27. Ryan Tannehill
28. Tyrod Taylor
29. Sam Darnold
30. Joe Flacco

-Compared to our first dive into the QB rankings, we have moved up Andrew Luck to 13 as he is now playing in preseason games (not overly well but still out there) and so that alone gets him back to near QB 1 status.  There will surely be some pronounced rust but Luck also has shown decent arm strength and of course has some immense natural tools to work with.
-I have been asked about why I ranked Dak Prescott so low at 26 but it is for good reason.  The guy is simply not a good pure passer and is overly reliant on a strong line and run game to keep things honest.  Already the Dallas O-line is beat up with Travis Frederick down for possibly a few games and Zack Martin dealing with trouble on the health front as well.
-Alex Smith, Matt Ryan, and of course Philip Rivers all remain very good value play passers.
-Carson Wentz drops a bit due to the strong chance he won't be ready to go in Week 1 and maybe even Week 2.  The Eagles will be very cautious here as they should since they have a Super Bowl winner as a backup.


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