Wednesday, August 22, 2018


Wow where to begin.  I hinted last night on Twitter how my performance in the annual Fantasy Sports Boss Fantasy Football Experts League would go down as one of the more woeful performances put on by yours truly.  For the first time in the 12-year run of the PPR league, we did the draft online which put me a bit out of my comfort zone since 99 percent of my competitive leagues are in person.  With that said, I had the third pick and already prepared myself for David Johnson as my first pick which I was happy about.  From that point on is where the trouble began.  Let's get to it.

1.  David Johnson (RB:  I knew that Todd Gurley and Le'Veon Bell would be the top two choices and so from the beginning, I had Johnson as my guy at three.  A broken wrist last year was  fluke injury that didn't have me concerned in the least in picking him over Ezekiel Elliott, Saquon Barkley, or Kareem Hunt.  In addition, I would have taken Johnson over Bell in that the latter scares me as he holds out for the second summer in a row.  Bell struggled badly last September coming off a summer holdout but when he came back, the Steelers ran him into the ground with an insane over 400 touches.  Typically runners "bounce" of such a heavy workload and remember Bell has never been the picture of health.  So with Johnson in the fold I was focused on grabbing Christian McCaffrey in Round 2.  He was my guy if he fell to me. 

2.  Keenan Allen (WR):  This is a ten team league (always has been) so Allen falling to 18th. while surprising, was not outlandish.  McCaffrey went 15th and so I was out of luck there.  Since I didn't like Devonta Freeman as the best back left at that point, I quickly snatched up Allen.  Unfortunately Michael Thomas went the pick prior or else that was my guy.  At this point is where trouble began as I didn't expect such a heavy run on running backs both in Round 1 and Round 2 which caused me to change strategy.

3.  Aaron Rodgers (QB):  Yeah I was that guy who took the first QB off the board.  By this time the boring Jordan Howard and Doug Baldwin were the best RB and WR available.  So I took the best QB in the game but this started the process of me being behind the eight ball on running back and wide receiver believe it or not.  While it was nice to have Rodgers, maybe I should have gone Larry Fitzgerald like I instantly wished I did.

4.  Zach Ertz (TE):  Travis Kelce and Rob Gronkowski got picked right before this and so did Fitzgerald which left me going back to the well on Ertz who I owned last year but he was four round more expensive this time around.  So on paper I have a nice advantage over the rest of the league at QB and tight end but only have Keenan Allen at WR and David Johnson at RB.

5.  LeSean McCoy (RB):  The threat of suspension sent McCoy tumbling down the board to the point where I accepted the risk and dove in.  There is a chance a suspension comes down at any moment but this thing could also drag on throughout the season.  If no suspension comes, then I have two fantastic running/receiving backs but it is imperative I get a good third back.

6.  Marquise Goodwin (WR):  Say what?  Allow me to explain.  While I love Goodwin as much as any sleeper this season, I admit he is more of an 8th or 9th round guy.  What happened here was that I began to add players to the Yahoo Queue and Goodwin was the first one I added.  Immediately after I got kicked out of the draft and by the time I signed back in, Goodwin was mine.  Damn. 

7.  Jamison Crowder (WR):  At this point I am on drafting tilt as I reached for Crowder as well.  Again since this is a PPR league, both Goodwin and Crowder could easily catch 80 balls with 5 TD's each but too high for both.  What a disaster.

8.  Carlos Hyde (RB):  I like this pick in that Hyde comes off an excellent campaign in 2017 where he both ran and caught the football nicely but I agree that the backfield is crowded in Cleveland with Duke Johnson Sr. and rookie Nick Chubb around.  I think Hyde will play most of the first and second down plays however and as a third back on my team, that works. 

9.  Julian Edelman (WR):  I liked this pick too as once I get through the four-game suspension, Edelman can be a solid WR 2 given his annually high catch totals and trust from QB Tom Brady. 

10. Peyton Barber (RB):  At this point now I am stacking up running backs and receivers who have upside and Barber certainly carries that since he earned the starting nod over Ronald Jones in camp. 

11. Randall Cobb (WR):  Cobb was actually playing very well before both he and Aaron Rodgers went down with injury a year ago.  He works nicely as either an underrated WR 3 or top backup. 

12. Marlon Mack (RB):  Yeah I know Mack is hurt but took a shot in the dark with the talented but still raw second-year man. 

13. Delanie Walker (TE):  Walker always seems to slip through the cracks but in PPR he is actually a top five guy who I stole this late.  Great insurance for Zach Ertz and also trade bait. 

14. Eli Manning (QB):  Got my backup QB in Manning who I won't need if Rodgers stays upright.  With a big supporting class of top-notch offensive talent, Manning can surprise us. 

15. New England (DEF):  Stuck to my principles of drafting a defense and kicker the last two rounds.  Not a bad unit in New England to fall back on. 

16. Matt Prater (K):  Dome kickers always get a let up in my book. 

So overall not my best work.  I think the beginning and ending were good but the middle was a mess.  

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