Monday, August 6, 2018


Wide receiver and running back remain the positions to stock up on in the first 3-4 rounds of your annual fantasy football draft at the very least and these are the guys I will target this summer:

Antonio Brown, DeAndre Hopkins, Odell Beckham Jr:  I group these three together as I would target any of them if I picked in the second half of Round 1.  The first six picks should all be running backs in my mind (Gurley, Bell, Johnson, Elliott, Hunt, Kamara) and then the wideouts come into view.  These three should all be in play and be picked by the end of Round 1.

Julio Jones, Keenan Allen, Michael Thomas, Davante Adams:  I am also in on all four of these guys in Round 2.  Each of them will serve as the target hog of their QB's in their respective offenses and thus be in line for big WR 1 numbers.  Only Adams is a bit speculative since he has not gotten those numbers before but being the top guy in an Aaron Rodgers offense is the place to be.

A.J. Green:  Been dealing with more injuries lately and 2017 was a bit of a letdown by Green should get more help with the healthy returns of John Ross and Tyler Eifert. 

Larry Fitzgerald:  Now working on three straight 100-catch seasons and always possessing big durability, Fitz is on my radar in the PPR Experts League.

Adam Thielen/Stefon Diggs:  I put these two together as they obviously are teammates and will now get the gift of Kirk Cousins arriving at QB.  Not sure why but I get the sneaking suspicion it will be Diggs and not Thielen who will emerge as Cousins' top guy.

Golden Tate:  A slightly discounted version of Larry Fitzgerald but really the same kind of player.

Demaryuis Thomas/Emmanuel Sanders:  Like with Adam Thielen and Stefon Diggs, both Thomas and Sanders get a QB upgrade with Case Keenum arriving in Denver.  Thomas will reportedly move all around the field this season and moving back to WR 1 at the age of 30 is very much in play. 

Chris Hogan:  With Julian Edelman serving a four-game suspension to begin the year, Hogan should benefit immensely being the new top target of QB Tom Brady.  Also keep in mind that Hogan was terrific the first two months of 2017 before getting hurt. 

Brandin Cooks:  The general feeling among the fantasy football community when it comes to Brandin Cooks is "been there, done that" and they are moving away from him as a whole.  I understand that Cooks is very frustrating to own given his week-to-week inconsistency but give me as many Sean McVay offensive weapons as I can get.

Danny Amendola:  We know he can't stay completely healthy but Amendola should be a big PPR weapon when on the field for the Miami Dolphins.

Jamison Crowder:  It is a proven fact that veteran QB Alex Smith loves to check down to his slot receivers and so that puts Crowder in the driver's seat for an 80-plus catch season. 

Marquise Goodwin:  Yes, Pierre Garcon is back but Jimmy Garoppolo really developed a major rapport with Goodwin the second half of 2017 and  that should continue forward this season. 

Randall Cobb:  Now the clear number 2 wideout in the Green Bay offense, Cobb was actually playing very well before he got hurt again last season.  Injuries remain a problem but Cobb is still just 28 and has proven he can be very good in the past. 

Michael Gallup:  Someone has to catch passes in Dallas this season and this rookie has a prime chance to be the top guy for the Cowboys when Dak Prescott throws it. 

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