Wednesday, August 15, 2018


When it comes to annually picking the MVP of the fantasy baseball season, it obviously completely comes down to the numbers unlike in MLB where team records tend to enter into the discussion.  While we still have a month and a half of the season to go, it is quite clear that just a handful of guys are truly worth of being the fantasy baseball MVP in 2018; with one being Cleveland Indians second baseman Jose Ramirez.  Despite a bit of a rough start in April that engendered conversation that the uptick in power he showed in 2017 may be fact have been a fluke, Ramirez has been beyond insane with his numbers across ALL FIVE standard ROTO categories this season as he goes into Wednesday's games with them looking like this:

36 HR
89 RBI
84 R
27 SB
11.0 K.9
15.2 BB/9

Boy those numbers above are just ridiculous and right now Ramirez is the number 1 scorer in Yahoo fantasy baseball which is not too hard to see why.  You can begin the gushing here in the advanced world as Ramirez has uncanny contact ability for a guy who has graduated into a slugger.  An 11.0 K/9 is something you just don't see and the fact that it is paired with a just as absurd 15.2 BB/9 tells you Ramirez is in total control of the strike zone.

Then we get to the power which has been monstrous almost from the start.  It makes it completely foolish that this space and pretty much every other fantasy baseball outlet debated whether the 29 home runs Ramirez hit last season were a fluke.  Obviously he was growing into his power frame and the result is a run at not only 40 but possibly 50! homers to go with 100-plus runs and RBI and his typical .300 average.  Want more?  How about the 27 steals which already is a career-best and is currently 10 MORE than Ramirez had all of last season.  What is funny is that Ramirez had only 2 in April which might have given the indication he was not interested in running but then he exploded over the late spring and summer with 7 in June and 11 in July.  Unreal.

No matter where you look, Ramirez is dominating and he is the front-runner in my mind for 2018 fantasy baseball MVP as we could be seeing a precious 40/40 campaign underway.  While Mike Trout, J.D. Martinez, and Mookie Betts are all having tremendous seasons in their own right, Ramirez is the guy at the top of the MVP leaderboard. 

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