Thursday, August 23, 2018


There are certain points during the course of a given fantasy baseball season that I wonder why I choose to torture myself with the whole daily exercise.  Then I quickly realize it helps to pay the bills and the game itself helped put me on the map as a notable person in the industry and allowed the business side to take off nicely.  So there is that and as they say, money talks.  Despite all the good however, there are moments like Wednesday night when things go so horribly wrong and add so much unnecessary stress that for a split second you just want to walk away from the game for good.  First let's get to the context. In The Fantasy Sports Boss Fantasy Baseball Experts League, I went into Wednesday leading by 1.5 points over a dogged second place team.  I felt I was in a good spot because I still had over 300 innings left to use while my foe was down to 160 or so.  Wednesday night seemed like a potential bonanza day to really make inroads in K's, wins, and to make a jump in ERA and WHIP since I had SIX starters going who all had solid to very attractive matchups.  That grouping included:

Lance Lynn VS. Miami
Charlie Morton VS. Seattle
Clay Buchholz VS. LAA
Kyle Gibson VS. CHI SOX
and then I had Stephen Strasburg and Zach Eflin going against each other which you would figure would give one the win.

So I sat back and began to watch Wednesday afternoon as the nightmare unfolded.  First it was Gibson who BOMBED in giving three home runs to the White Sox who have been a punching bag team all season.  I deserve what I get here because I have hated on Gibson for years and always said to avoid him.  Got suckered into the matchup and look what happened.  The guy is a dog.  Despite the rough beginning I saw Morton throwing up zeroes versus the Mariners early on so all seemed well.  That is until a freaking 9-0 lead became 9-7!!!!! in that fifth which blew his ERA for the day to 10.80 and WHIP to 1.60.  Morton backed into the win due to the Astros bats giving him such a lead but it was a pure disgrace.

Things only got worse as predictably BOTH Strasburg and Eflin bombed to the point that neither even reached the fifth inning and so neither could then win.  Once again this reaffirmed how Strasburg is simply the most overrated pitcher in fantasy baseball.  Every season he gets drafted as an ace and every season he gets injured and posts a mid-3.00 ERA despite some overwhelming K stuff.  

Finally, Lynn was sailing with four scoreless for the Yankees versus the putrid Marlins until he gagged in the fifth and sixth to throw his day away.  Luckily Buchholz dominated late which was the only thing that saved me.  Here is how the totality of the carnage looked.

Lynn:  8.44 ERA/1.88 WHIP
Morton:  10.80/1.60
Eflin:  10.80/3.60
Gibson:  7.71/2.36
Strasburg:  11.25/2.00
Buchholz:  0.00/0.57
LeClerc:  0.00/2.00

TOTALS:  7.12/1.81

It certainly looks like I was not alone in gazing at Twitter and the memes that already are coming out.  Carlos Carrasco was also bombed as well so the pitching reached a massive low on Wednesday.  It just goes to show you how the hitters are now coming back on the pitching after years of dominance from those on the hill.  I learned that lesson in a rough way to say the least yesterday.  

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