Sunday, July 15, 2018


Before I delve into the players at each position I will target and avoid in 2018 fantasy football drafts, let's get my own set of rankings out there first starting with the passers.  Again if you play in a single-QB league, avoid addressing this spot until you have at least two backs and two wideouts.

1.  Aaron Rodgers
2.  Russell Wilson
3.  Tom Brady
4.  Drew Brees
5.  DeShaun Watson
6.  Carson Wentz
7.  Kirk Cousins
8.  Matthew Stafford
9.  Philip Rivers
10. Jimmy Garoppolo
11. Cam Newton
12. Ben Roethlisberger
13. Jared Goff
14. Patrick Mahomes
15. Matt Ryan
16. Andrew Luck
17. Derek Carr
18. Marcus Mariota
19. Eli Manning
20. Jameis Winston
21. Mitch Trubisky
22. Andy Dalton
23. Blake Bortles
24. Alex Smith
25. Dak Prescott
26. Case Keenum
27. Ryan Tannehill
28. Tyrod Taylor
29. Josh McCown
30. Joe Flacco

-Last summer Rodgers was the top quarterback pick and he missed half the season with a broken collarbone.  Meanwhile Watson jumped off the bench to engineer more than a month of insane production before he tore his ACL.  The point is that you don't have to spend an early pick here in single passer leagues as there is terrific depth to where you can make the case that the top 17 guys are all weekly starters in a 12-team league.
-The Jimmy Garoppolo hype is already becoming insane and so getting a good price on him in the draft will be very tough.  That cuts down on the sleeper upside and makes you think more of the fact that he has had a tough time staying on the field in terms of durability.
-Just like with Watson, Carson Wentz looks to be good to go for Week 1 in terms of his ACL recovery.  His price could fluctuate wildly from one league to the next but I think he will be just fine.
-Some major lottery pick QB's who could yield very good value once again are Case Keenum in Denver and Alex Smith in Washington.  Both guys really stepped up a year ago and played their best football and both go to offenses that have a nice batch of targets.
-Sorry I am not bothering with Andrew Luck.  Even if he does get back onto the field, one wrong hit to the shoulder could end things in their tracks.

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