Wednesday, July 11, 2018


The first 2018 fantasy football Draft Debate is upon us and today we delve into the top of the wide receiver hierarchy in order to determine who should be drafted ahead of the other between the Atlanta Falcons' Julio Jones and the New Orleans Saints' Michael Thomas.  Both guys are supreme WR 1's in yearly fantasy football leagues and both are already being drafted right around one another at the turn of Round 1 into Round 2.  So as always, let's compare the two in order to determine who in fact should hear their name called first at the draft table. 

RECEPTIONS:  This one has been all Thomas the last two seasons as his 92 and 104 receptions handily beats Jones' 83 and 88 during that same span.  While Jones has two 100-catch seasons on his resume, the numbers say Thomas is the better bet to reach that mark this season based on recent numbers.
ADVANTAGE:  Michael Thomas

YARDS:  As solidly as Thomas took the debate in receptions, Jones gets the easy nod in yardage.  Jones is consistently one of the best yardage wideouts in the game on a yearly basis and he has been over 1,400 each of the last two seasons while Thomas has been a few hundred short of that milestone.
ADVANTAGE:  Julio Jones

TD's:  Both Thomas and Jones have an annoying habit of not scoring as many touchdowns as their ability would seem to indicate, with no double-digit tally for either in the last two seasons.  While Drew Brees' habit of passing the football all over the field hurts Thomas' number there, Jones seems to be another Andre Johnson who hauled in a boatload of passes without scoring much.  With that said, Thomas' 14 scores dwarfs Jones' 9 the last two seasons.
ADVANTAGE:  Michael Thomas

WINNER:  Michael Thomas

As you can see it was close again but Thomas gets the slight nod.  Durable and the trusted number 1 outlet for Brees, Thomas is the guy to take over Jones if such a situation presents itself this summer.  

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