Monday, July 16, 2018


Shin-Soo Choo:  2/3 with his 18th HR while hitting. 293.  Some guys will just continue being very productive year after year despite nobody wanting to draft them in yearly fantasy baseball leagues and Choo is one of those players.

Manny Machado:  1/1 with his 24th HR while hitting .315.  This could be Machado's swan song in Baltimore with the All-Star Break here but no matter where he ends up. his status as truly one of the more dominant hitters in fantasy baseball will hold steady.

Mike Minor:  5 ER in 2.2 IP with an ERA of 4.89.  I never understood why anyone was even remotely interested in this guy this season.  And there were more than a few based on Tweets I received. 

Teoscar Hernandez:  1/3 with his 15th HR while hitting .257.  For a guy who didn't start the season in the majors, Hernandez was pretty damn solid the first half of the year.

Xander Bogaerts:  1/4 with his 16th HR while hitting .284.  Like I said yesterday, we all really need Bogaerts to stay healthy in order to see where this so far insanely great season of his goes.

Michael Brantley:  1/3 with his 12th HR while hitting .308.  Considering that 12 home runs used to be a typical Brantley haul, those fantasy baseball owners of his who got him in the very late rounds of their drafts have some nice bragging rights here the way things have turned out. 

Edwin Encarnacion:  1/3 with his 22nd HR while hitting .225.  The all-or-nothing phase of Encarnacion's career is in full swing.  Literally. 

Trevor Bauer:  7 IP 7 H 2 ER 1 BB 7 K with an ERA of 2.24.  175 K in 136.1 IP.  Let that sink in for a minute.  Then look at the ERA with those K's and get ready to pass out.

Brian Anderson:  3/5 with his 8th HR while hitting .288.  This guy has not stopped hitting since Opening Day. 

Enyel De Los Santos:  5 ER in 4.1 IP with an ERA of 6.75.  He is not ready. 

Patrick Corbin:  6 IP 6 H 4 ER 1 BB 3 K with an ERA of 3.24.  Remember how exciting this story was in April and May?  Now not so much of late. 

Julio Teheran:  6.1 IP 4 H 0 ER 3 BB 6 K with an ERA of 4.00.  Typical Teheran who sits right on the bubble of useful or waiver fodder. 

Travis Shaw:  1/4 with his 18th HR while hitting .245.  The average has not come around here and now we are getting to the point of the season where that gets tougher to do given the high number of at-bats. 

Adalberto Mondesi:  2/3 with his third HR while hitting .250.  Maybe changing his name did the trick here since no one would ever believe Raul Mondesi Jr. could ever hit. 

Yoan Moncada:  3/4 with his 12th HR while hitting .238.  So frustrating to watch a guy with so much talent continue to allow the warts in his game greatly overshadow some other decent tools. 

Brian Dozier:  2/6 with his 16th HR while hitting .230.  Next season trade for Dozier on July 1. 

Nico Goodrum:  1/4 with his 9th HR while hitting .250.  The 2018 Detroit Tigers seem to be the AL-only destination in terms of fantasy baseball usage outside of Nick Castellanos. 

John Hicks:  1/4 with his 9th HR while hitting .278.  Doesn't it seem like every season whoever the Tigers catcher is has some sort of decent fantasy baseball value? 

Jeimer Candelario:  1/2 with his 13th HR while hitting .225.  Hitting a homer off Justin Verlander is no small feat but Candelario's overall performance has dived sharply since May. 

Justin Verlander:  6 IP 6 H 5 ER 0 BB 12 K with an ERA of 2.29.  Well that is certainly an interesting line score. 

Matt Carpenter:  1/3 with his 19th HR while hitting .263.  And hitting leadoff here with the additional at-bats means 35 homers very much in play.

Trevor Story:  1/4 with his 20th HR while hitting .292.  I spoke at length about Story the other day but needless to say, he has been one of the Stories of the first half.  Sorry I couldn't resist. 

Sean Manaea:  6 IP 5 H 2 ER 1 BB 1 K with an ERA of 3.42.  Manaea's K/9 remains pathetic and so he is really walking a fine line with his numbers. 

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