Thursday, July 26, 2018


Heading into the 2018 fantasy baseball season, Chicago Cubs third baseman Kris Bryant was being drafted outside of the first round for the first time in a few seasons as some began to grow concerned about his power and RBI dip in 2017 and also his spot in the team's lineup.  While 29 home runs were nothing to sneeze at by any means, that number was down 10 from the 39 he hit the previous season and Bryant saw an even major drop in RBI as he went from 102 to 73.  The blame for the latter centered on Cubs manager Joe Maddon moving Bryant to the second spot in the order for a large chunk of 2017 and while that gave him some more at-bats, it also took the guy out of some RBI chances.  Fast forward to 2018 drafts and this is why Bryant slipped into Round 2 in some leagues.

Now as far as yours truly was concerned, I said not to worry about Bryant one bit as he was just entering into his prime at the age of 26 and his overall batting approach continued to get better by the year as he boosted his walks and lowered his K's.  However even I will admit that Bryant has been a letdown this season so far as he battled health trouble for large chunks of the season and goes into Wednesday's games looking at another possible DL stint for ongoing shoulder woes.  In addition, Bryant's disappointing numbers looked as follows:

11 HR
44 RBI
46 R
2 SB
20.9 K/9
10.9 BB/9
.332 BABIP

Looking at the numbers above, Bryant is not even on pace to hit 20 home runs which is a HUGE letdown/problem and his walks and strikeouts have both taken a step in the wrong direction when you compared it to 2017  Bryant is also showing no interest in running either which means his days of being a five-tool guy look finished.  Now we have the health woes as it is certainly beginning to seem like Bryant is just having one of those seasons where nothing goes right.  Be that as it may, Bryant is still very young and has all the natural talent in the world to continue being a top guy for years.  He should still be a second-round pick in drafts next spring and deservedly so.  The talent is just too obvious and a rough season happens to everyone.  While 2018 could ultimately go bust, Bryant should be just fine long-term with regards to ability.

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