Saturday, July 14, 2018


Well that has been a nice surprise.  Coming off an injury-plagued campaign that also included depressed offensive numbers across the board as he suffered under a hail of strikeouts, Colorado Rockies shortstop Trevor Story's 2018 fantasy baseball value had cratered severely when it came to drafts.  After smacking 27 home runs with a .272 average in that tremendous 2016 debut, Story suffered a typical sophomore slump in 2017 as his K/9 rate shot up to a pathetic 34.4 and the averaged tumbled down to a horrid .239 and the home runs declined a bit to 24.  With yours truly also serving as a big critic, Story was drafted as a backup shortstop in many leagues.  Fast forward to present day as Story smashed another home run Friday night to bring his season total already to a spectacular 19.  As far as the total package of numbers, Story goes into Saturday with the following overall digits:

19 HR
67 RBI
48 R
12 SB
25.4 K/9
.353 BABIP

Wow those numbers are pretty darn insane.  For one thing, the power is immense as always and that has been the one area that has remained steadfast from Story's start in the majors.  What really has made his 2018 season special is the fact he is both running at a very high rate compared to previous norms and also striking out less by a decent margin which has helped boost the average to near-.300.  Consider that Story had a grand total of 15 steals his first two seasons in the majors and now already has 12.  Any additional steals can be considered a nice bonus from here on out and also serve to boost his power/speed game overall.  In addition, Story's current K/9 of 25.4 is down by a sizable amount from the 34.4 the year prior and that has helped boost the average to very usable territory.  While the .353 BABIP is in very lucky territory, Story has shown a knack for continually posting high numbers there which means his regression may not be severe enough to pull the average down to ugly status.  Combined together across the board and Story has been one of the very best values in all of 2018 fantasy baseball.  While he may slow a bit from here on out, Story is set to blow past every projection on him from this past spring. 

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