Thursday, July 12, 2018


Wednesday night in fantasy baseball saw Arizona Diamondbacks All-Star first baseman Paul Goldschmidt crack his 21st home run of the season.  While this should not seem to be big news considering Goldschmidt has been a top-five fantasy baseball star for a few years now, the perspective that is needed here centers on how truly awful the veteran was the first two months of the season in relation to what he is accomplishing now.  Things had actually gotten so bad as Goldy continued to swing and miss at a very high rate with a severe drainage in power that questions began to legitimately begin being asked about whether or not he was prematurely declining as a player.  Needless to say, Goldy's fantasy baseball were beyond panicking and by all accounts, looked like they had a blockbuster and unexpected bust on their hands.

Fast forward to present day and it truly seems like April and May never happened.  Once June revealed itself on the calendar, Goldschmidt went bonkers with the bat and that has now carried into July as well.  The end result has him going into Thursday's action with numbers pretty much near his customary rates:

21 HR
52 RBI
61 R
2 SB
26.4 K/9
13.7 BB/9
.350 BABIP

Looking at the numbers above, Goldy is pretty much where he should be in terms of overall numbers.  The strikeout rate remains quite a bit above his 22.1 K/9 mark of a year prior but his 26.4 mark is down from being around 30.0 each of the first two months of the season.  The fact that Goldy has cut down on the whiffs and increased his contact means the power is shooting upwards as well.  Add in very good RBI and runs scored numbers and Goldy is doing what was expected at least in those three categories.

Now as far as average and steals, that is where some issues cropped up.  The average is actually at a high point for Goldy now which lessens any concerns we had previously there.  Also, with the strikeouts declining, Goldy should be able to finish .280 or higher if that keeps up.  Now in terms of the steals, the fact he has only two so far might indicate Goldy's days of running are through.  He has reached the age of 30 which is typically when players stop swiping bags if they moderate speed like Goldy has and this was something I talked about being a strong possibility in my annual draft guide.

When you put it all together, Paul Goldschmidt once again looks like the first-round monster he was supposed to be; with just a decline in running being the one knock.  Otherwise, all seems just fine with the veteran.

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