Tuesday, July 17, 2018


On Monday we took a break from the daily minutia of 2018 fantasy baseball and checked out who made the cut as our first half All-Star team in identifying those pitchers and hitters who made all of their owners incredibly happy with their performance over the first 3.5 months of the season.  Of course, we have to take a look at the flip side of things and discuss those players who ended up causing the most damage as your classic draft "bust."  We excluded players who got injured from this list as that could happen to anyone and instead based our selections on those pitchers and hitters who simply under-performed.  Be sure to share your thoughts below.

CATCHERS (2):  Gary Sanchez, Buster Posey:  While Sanchez has hit for his customary power, he has been injured and is batting under .190 for the season which is downright hideous for a second-round pick.  Meanwhile, Posey's power has vanished like I said it would in comparing him to Joe Mauer back in March.

FIRST BASEMAN (2):  Anthony Rizzo, Cody Bellinger:  I sounded the alarms on sophomore slump candidate Bellinger back in March and right on queue, he has struggled to hit even .250 this season while also showing a downgrade in power.  Meanwhile, Rizzo has had the same issues at an even higher draft cost.

SECOND BASEMAN (2):  Chris Taylor, Brian Dozier:  Dozier has perked up over the last week as he begins to do his typical second-half assault but the average hit and overall listless hitting the first half of the season was a reminder of ugly days from earlier in his career.  As far as Taylor was concerned, he was in BABIP heaven a year ago and his minor league rates suggested 2017 was a bit of an aberration.

SHORTSTOP (2):  Carlos Correa, Paul DeJong:  You may think it is harsh to knock Correa but it is not since he was a first-round pick, has stopped running altogether, and is hitting under .270.  DeJong was a guy I told you to avoid given his insane K numbers from the minors and even in his 2017 debut and so no shock he has been a liability.

THIRD BASEMAN (2):  Josh Donaldson, Justin Turner:  Kris Bryant and Rafael Devers were candidates for this spot as there have been a bunch of letdown here but both Donaldson and Turner look shot both on the health and hitting front.

OUTFIELDERS (5):  Marcell Ozuna, Rhys Hoskins, Byron Buxton, Yasiel Puig, Tommy Pham:  The hype machine was out of control on Hoskins this spring which is always a recipe for fantasy baseball disaster.  While he has not been awful, the numbers failed to match the third-round cost.  The other four all letdown in similar fashion related to cost.

STARTING PITCHERS (10):  Zack Godley, Robbie Ray, Luke Weaver, Chris Archer, Yu Darvish, Marcus Stroman, Dallas Keuchel, Dylan Bundy, Jose Quintana, Rich Hill:  Every single name on this list has been a letdown and in particular Darvish, Godley, Weaver, and Archer.  

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