Wednesday, June 6, 2018


Every spring as fantasy baseball drafts get underway, I seemingly write almost the exact same piece on San Francisco Giants perennial All-Star catcher Buster Posey.  While I make it a point to state correctly how Posey is one of the very best pure hitters in the game who can bat .300 in his sleep, I also noted that spending a high draft pick on a catcher is a complete waste and that the San Francisco veteran is in the midst of becoming Joe Mauer as an overall offensive player.  And by Joe Mauer I mean the one who can hit for a very good average but who will struggle to hit more than 10 home runs.  And thus, the lack of pop makes spending that high pick on Posey even more ridiculous.  With that said, Posey has pretty much gone according to script so far this season as he goes into Tuesday's games with the following numbers:

4 HR
23 RBI
24 R
2 SB
9.4 BB/9
12.8 K/9
.336 BABIP

As you can see here, very little has changed with Posey as he once again is hitting .300 and he is almost impossible to strikeout with that puny 12.8 K/9.  However it does also need to be noted that Posey is now and aging 31 for a catcher and that he came into the 2018 season off FOUR straight years of declining home runs totals.  After Posey smacked 22 home runs in 2014, the subsequent three seasons have seen that number go from 19 to 14 to last season's 12.  That is a clear trend folks and already Posey is on pace for right around the 12 mark.  He better not hit the DL or else that streak will go to five.  And it is funny we mention the DL because like with Mauer in his final days of catcher, we are beginning to see more nicks showing up in Posey's body.  All those years of catching will ruin even the most fit MLB body who operates behind the dish and Posey is no different.  That also has hurt his power and will likely continue to do so.

So when you look at the total package here, it is still a nice bonus to have a catcher who can hit .300 but Posey was once again tremendously overpriced in 2018 fantasy baseball drafts.  Without the power, he simply doesn't warrant such a lofty spot anymore and his decline will only continue from here on out.  You have been warned.

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