Tuesday, June 12, 2018


When it comes to yearly fantasy baseball leagues, one class of player who gets overlooked/discriminated against almost every season are middle infielders (second baseman, shortstops) who don't steal bases.  Admittedly one who has fallen prey to that line of thinking, I myself have espoused making sure you get a decent amount of your team stolen bases from these two spots on your fantasy baseball rosters.  As a result, players who may be very good offensive players in the other four standard ROTO categories can become tremendous values both at the draft table and off the waiver.  Think Asdrubal Cabrera of the New York Mets in terms of the draft and the San Francisco Giants' Brandon Crawford as the wire gem with regards to the early results from 2018.  Crawford has certainly become a big story in his own right as the 31-year-old shortstop has done nothing but hit the baseball this season to the tune of the following numbers:

8 HR
30 RBI
28 R
2 SB
20.5 K/9
6.6 BB/9
.401 BABIP

Looking at the numbers from above, it is easy to see how good of a season Crawford is having.  He is both putting forth a batting title season with his current .338 average and the power has been at a terrific level as well with the 8 home runs in just 244 at-bats.  Having hit more than 12 home runs just once in his career, the home run pace is a bit outlandish given Crawford's previous rates but those 21 homers did come recently in 2016 so it is possible he grew into the power as he went further into his prime.  As far as the average is concerned, Crawford keeps his strikeouts down but his lack of walks and past as a .260-ish hitter make sustaining such a lofty average like he has right now tentative at best.  Add in the insanely lucky .401 BABIP and Crawford is on borrowed time in terms of maintaining his current form of numbers.  With all that said, there is almost no chance of dealing Crawford for adequate value as the fantasy baseball community has always been lukewarm when it comes to Crawford and two months of very good production won't change that much, if at all.  So your best course as a Crawford owner is to hold him and see where this goes.  You may get a career-year for a guy that cost your almost nothing and that is a win-win all the way.

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