Thursday, May 10, 2018


Zack Wheeler:  6 IP 4 H 1 ER 3 BB 7 K with an ERA of 5.03.  Wheeler has had more than enough time to refute the notion he is nothing but waiver wire trash in his career and nothing he has done this season has changed that premise.

Sal Romano:  6 IP 4 H 1 ER 1 BB 7 K with an ERA of 3.83.  Romano is just for the NL-only crowd as he lacks strikeouts and his 1.30 WHIP shows that major trouble can ensue at a moment's notice.

Francisco Lindor:  2/5 with his 10th HR while hitting .292.  Lindor is the shortstop version of Charlie Blackmon right now.

Junior Guerra:  5 IP 6 H 4 ER 2 BB 9 K with an ERA of 3.09.  Next ERA stop:  4.00-plus.

Carlos Carrasco:  9 IP 5 H 2 ER 1 BB 14 K with an ERA of 3.61.  Yeah those last two starts prior to this gem were beyond ugly but Carrasco is not worth worrying over due to the fact his stuff is so overpowering that he will never struggle for long.

Gregory Polanco:  2/4 with his 7th HR while hitting .225. I already posted last week that Polanco was a good buy low so hopefully, you took advantage.

Tim Anderson:  1/4 with his 7th HR while hitting .254.  The average is not going to pretty given the lack of plate approach but Anderson is on pace for 20/20 which at shortstop is never anything to sneeze at.

Trevor Williams:  4 ER in 5 IP with an ERA of 3.13.  Only a matter of time before Williams finds his ERA over 4.00 as well.  His advanced ratios show his level of production is just not sustainable.

Reynaldo Lopez:  7.1 IP 3 H 2 ER 2 BB 6 K with an ERA of 2.44.  Lopez is generating some major heat with an average fastball of 95.6 and strikeouts will emanate more as the season goes on when he gains more experience.  I would hold here.

Kris Bryant:  2/4 with his sixth HR while hitting .292.  The fog seems to have lifted from Bryant's concussion as he is really pounding the baseball right now but I wish he was batting third.

Anthony Rizzo:  3/5 with his 5th HR while hitting .210.  That loud "thud" you heard was the buy low window on Rizzo closing completely.

Addison Russell:  3/3 with his first HR while hitting .261.  There is still a smidge of time for Russell to make good on all the prospect hype he had going back to his stay in Oakland but I am not chasing a so far disappointing middle infielder who doesn't run.

Jose Quintana:  6 IP 5 H 1 ER 2 BB 5 K with an ERA of 4.42.  This guy is quickly becoming one of the more aggravating players in all of fantasy baseball given the underwhelming numbers and what we all expected to be a big season in the easer NL after excelling for years in the AL.

Gerrit Cole:  6 IP 4 H 1 ER 3 BB 9 K with an ERA of 1.43.  It is now going to be stop-the-presses news when Cole doesn't strike out at least nine batters or gives up more than one run.

Nomar Mazara:  2/4 with 2 home runs (10 for season) while hitting .294.  What Mazara is doing this season is the type of power breakout Michael Conforto had a year ago.  He is quickly challenging for to OF 2 status and is not an OF 1 only due to the lack of speed.

Justin Upton:  3/5 with his 8th HR while hitting .257.  Yeah, Upton is on one of those major explosions of power which means he will likely homer tomorrow and again on Saturday.

Zack Cozart:  2/4 with his 5th HR while hitting .246.  Like Scooter Gennett, the encore to a big power uptick in 2017 has not carried over yet but Cozart should not be cut loose by any means since he is leading off and looking like he is getting into a good groove this past week.

Jamie Barria:  5.1 IP 5 H 0 ER 1 BB 7 K with an ERA of 2.45.  Barria has been good when given the chance to pitch but his strikeouts are of the hit-or-miss variety which adds to the volatility of investing in the kid.

Andrew Benintendi:  1/3 with his second HR while hitting .246.  If there was ever such a thing as a sophomore slump, Benintendi is a shining example of it.  While it has been grating to own Benintendi to this point, better times are ahead as he further refines things and adjust back toward the pitchers who adjusted to him over the winter.  Typical ebb and blow of a young player and in no way is my confidence shaken in the kid. 

Hanley Ramirez:  1/5 with his 4th HR while hitting .291.  Things have calmed down here after the insane and not sustainable production from HanRam the first two weeks of the season.  He served as just another example of how aging veterans always tend to begin the season hot and so there was never any need to get overconfident as an owner.

Mitch Moreland:  1/4 with his 6th HR while hitting .242.  You can own Moreland when he is hitting for moderate power and batting .270 but not for when he is supplying moderate power and .240.

Aaron Judge:  3/4 with his 9th HR while hitting .308.  Another MVP-type season is fully underway for Judge and by now it is becoming quite apparent that he was the hulking Yankee slugger you all should have chased in Round 1 and not the Miami import. 

Rick Porcello:  5 ER in 5.1 IP with an ERA of 2.79.  It will never shock me when Porcello gets his head beaten in but I vowed to just the numbers speak for themselves from now on and not keep railing against him.  Give it time like with Dylan Bundy and we all know how that one turned out.

Masahiro Tanaka:  4 ER in 5.1 IP with an ERA of 4.66.  Two more home runs.  It never stops. 

Maikel Franco:  3/5 with his 7th HR while hitting .292.  Credit goes to Franco for improving his approach which finally has him back in decent average range to go with the all right pop.  Dust him off. 

Chris Stratton:  5 ER in 4.2 IP with an ERA of 4.60.  On the heels of Bundy, this is the guy I said was a MIRAGE back when he opened his season pitching well and everyone was tweeting me wondering if it was legit.  Nailed it. 

Teoscar Hernandez:  3/4 with his 6th HR while hitting .267.  The average predictably came down but Hernandez is now hitting leadoff and he has bunched the hits just enough to continue inclusion there. 

Nick Markakis:  2/4 with his 7th HR while hitting .338.  Markakis thinks it is 2008 all over again. 

Julio Teheran:  6 IP 4 H 0 ER 0 BB 7 K with an ERA of 3.14.  Teheran is back looking like the strong SP 2 he was for a short time a number of years ago and lately he has been almost unhittable.  Let me be the first to sound the alarm here as Teheran is a major sell in my book.  His average fastball velocity has FALLEN down to just 90.1 which is down from 92.0 a year ago.  A .241 BABIP is not sustainable as well and Teheran's 3.77 BB/9 is gross.  GET OUT NOW!

Anthony Rendon:  2/4 with his second HR while hitting .297. I think Rendon is going to absolutely go nuts the last four-plus months of the season. 

Joey Luchessi:  5 IP 6 H 1 ER 1 BB 6 K with an ERA of 2.98.  This kid is having a tremendous rookie campaign so far with not much fanfare due to the West Coast Bias.  The funky delivery is something to see and makes Luchessi impossible to pick up in terms of his stuff.  Completely legit. 

Gio Gonzalez:  6 IP 5 H 1 ER 3 BB 8 K with an ERA of 2.22.  A 1.34 WHIP shows that Gio is not really pitching as well as his ERA shows.  Try to sell. 

Patrick Corbin:  5 IP 3 H 1 ER 4 BB 7 K with an ERA of 2.12.  The pitch efficiency has gotten a bit away from Corbin of his last two outings but minimal damage.  The special season continues. 

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