Monday, May 14, 2018


Needing a pitcher to take a start Sunday for the team's injury-impacted rotation, the Milwaukee Brewers went very young when they tabbed 21-year-old prospect Freddy Peralta to make the start versus the Colorado Rockies.  13 strikeouts and 1 hit later in a 5.2 scoreless outing and we have the fantasy baseball community in a virtual stampede running to their waiver wire to pick him up.  Without a doubt the outing was pure beauty, while at the same time visually awesome to see given the insane amount of strikeouts in less than 6 innings tossed.  Now the question is whether or not the Brewers keep him around for additional starts and where Peralta ultimately goes from here in terms of results.

As far as the history is concerned, again Peralta is very young at just 21 and his body type is very slight at just 5-11 and 175 pounds.  That can be a bit of a problem in terms of Peralta having the ability to hold up physically as a starter both on the health front and through being able to go deep into games given so much torque on such a small frame.  The stuff is simply overpowering here however and toying with such an impressive Rockies lineup makes the Brewers pot committed to giving the kid another look.  Now here is the part where yours truly throws a bit of cold water on the proceedings.  On the positive side like we said, Peralta is the number 8 prospect in all of baseball for a reason and his strikeout ability is pure good in fantasy baseball terms.  On the flip side though, Peralta redefines what it means to have shoddy control as his BB/9 rate was 4.41 at Triple-A prior to his promotion this season and in 2017 that number was an equally gross 4.35 at Double-A and 4.95 at Single-A.  Walks will be an immediate issue for Peralta and especially when major league hitters get to go into more video on the kid moving forward.  That is the other aspect of this which needs to be said in terms of Peralta being just the latest young power arm to come up to debut in the majors and catch opposing batters off guard who are completely in the dark regarding his stuff.tendencies. We already saw this with Nick Kingham and Fernando Romero and so Peralta joins that trend.  There will be adjustments made for sure by these hitters and so Peralta is going to have to adjust back with additional pitches that are not yet refined given the lack of control.  In the end however, Peralta needs to be added everywhere given the power stuff and it is a situation where you bring him aboard and ask questions later.

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