Thursday, May 10, 2018


When it comes to yearly fantasy baseball leagues, certain trends seem to show up season after season with no change in sight.  With the fantasy baseball community often being creatures of habit, these tendencies tend to be tough to break and those who are aware of these happenings usually can stay ahead of the curve in terms of dodging when everyone else is weaving.  One such trend is when it comes to impact hitters who make up off-the-radar teams or teams that play in spacious ballparks.  Teams that quickly come to mind under this premise are the Seattle Mariners, Tampa Bay Rays, Oakland A's, and the subject of today's post, the Minnesota Twins where outfielder Eddie Rosario looks to be primed for stardom in 2018. Already coming off a quietly big breakout campaign in 2017 when he smacked 27 home runs, stole 9 bases,and batted .290, Rosario still came at a decent price in 2018 drafts due to the Target Field bias and for the fact the guy is not exactly out front when it comes to discussion of the new generation of young hitters.  Be that as it may, Rosario is bringing it again this season.  Things started a bit slow as Rosario dealt with some injuries in spring training but especially the last two weeks, he has been locked and loaded in hitting some big home runs while also picking up some steals and batting for average.  Going into Tuesday's games, Rosario was putting up the following numbers:

7 HR
20 R 
25 RBI
4 SB

Those are tremendous numbers as Rosario is hitting for solid power but also filling up the runs and columns.  In addition, Rosario has picked up four steals and is hitting for a good average again to actually put himself in five-category territory.  Rosario also is not beating himself with strikeouts as his 18.9 K/9 rare is very good and that makes him batting for a solid average a good bet going forward as well.  About the only negative here is that Rosario has been allergic to walks as his 3.1 BB/9 is comical but everything else is absolutely phenomenal.  So those who bought in on Rosario as I said you should do back in March on the site and in my annual draft guide, a potentially big five-category monster campaign could be possible. 

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