Monday, May 14, 2018


Adjustment time has arrived.  Each year in fantasy baseball, we see a batch of previously unheralded rookie hitters or pitchers come up to the big leagues and make eye-opening instant impacts that virtually no one saw coming.  2018 has not been any different as we saw in the case of San Diego Padres third baseman Christian Villanueva.  Considered a late bloomer who didn't reach the majors until 2017 for a spell, Villanueva claimed a spot to begin the season on the rebuilding Padres and quickly began hitting tape-measure home runs throughout the month.  This led to Villanueva a scorching .321 with 8 big home runs for March/April as the excitement level reached new heights for what looked to be another new star added to the third base position in fantasy baseball.  Yours truly sounded the alarm from the beginning however in arguing loudly that the other shoe would drop soon as Villanueva was simply taking advantage of the fact pitchers had no real book on his tendencies and eventually enough video would circulate that they would then start exploiting the weaknesses which centered on a persistent strikeout problem.  Well as predictable as the sun rising in the morning, Villanueva has slumped horribly in May as he goes into Monday's games hitless in his last 36 at-bats and for the month is hitting only .027 with a single bomb.  The strikeouts have begun to pile up as well, with Villanueva's K/9 rate of 29.5 looking beyond ugly.  Flat out, Villanueva has been exposed and he could very well find himself in the minors again before too long if he doesn't turn things around quickly.  The holes in Villanueva's swing were always so obvious and that is why I never was wowed here in the first place.  Guys who can hit home runs in bunches with ugly batting averages are a dime a dozen in today's game and that further hurt's Villanueva's standing.  Unless your league goes very deep, there is no reason to wait around on any possibly rebound.  

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