Friday, May 11, 2018


When you have not one but TWO Crisis Point's dedicated to your before the end of May, your season is not going so well.  Such is the case with Arizona Diamondbacks first baseman Paul Goldschmidt who began spring training with a red flag attached to his name after it was revealed the team would be installing a home run-derailing humidor for the 2018 season and now who sits here with the following ugly numbers after enduring a season-long slump to this point:

4 HR
12 RBI 
24 R
2 SB

Boy those are a gross batch of numbers to look at for a guy who has been a perennial first round stud in yearly fantasy baseball leagues and that was the case even this spring despite the humidor.  I sounded the alarm here when the humidor news first broke and said that instead of being a locked-in top five guy in drafts, Goldy needed to be dropped to the end of Round 1 and behind Freddie Freeman, Anthony Rizzo, and Joey Votto as a result.  Despite this, even I didn't foresee such a rapid drop-off from Goldy considering he is still just 30 and has rare five-tool ability at the position.  Now matter how you slice it though, Goldschmidt has been a major liability and he is clearly pressing now that he is into a second month of struggles.  We can see this through the fact that Goldschmdit's K/9 has jumped rapidly up to 30.2 which is extremely high compared to is 22.1 mark the year prior.  While Goldy is still drawing a massive amount of walks (15.1 BB/9) which shows his batting eye is still in fine order, the strikeouts are portraying him as a guy whose swing is all messed up due to possible being distracted by the humidor chatter.  This becomes even more troubling when you take into account the fact his fly ball rate is slightly up this season as well.  All of it not good on those fronts.

So the question now is what happens from here on out and that is where things get complicated.  Clearly, the humidor has had an impact on Goldy whether it be mental or physical but the guy again is just 30 and flat in his prime. There is no way he can possibly continue struggling like this and so a good buy low opportunity is showing itself for those who are so inclined.  While I do have concerns about the stolen bases falling by the wayside, I think overall Goldy should be all right once he gets his swing under control.  He is drawing walks, the fly ball rate is up, and the fact he is still young all add up to a decent option for trade.  

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