Tuesday, April 17, 2018


Tuesday is Closing Time day where we delve further into the world of the fantasy baseball closer.  Let's get right into it:

-While the start of the 2018 fantasy baseball season has been filled with its usual array of closer chaos, it is shocking that the Tampa Bay Rays have not pulled the plug yet on beyond struggling stopper Alex Colome.  Colome has been nothing short of a disgrace this season as he went into Monday's action with the following numbers:

10.80 ERA
3.20 WHIP
7.20 K/0

No these numbers are not a misprint and so Colome may already be stripped of the closer role before you read this.  It seems like the Rays are giving Colome the benefit of the doubt after he pitched very well (2016:  1.91 ERA) and pretty well (2017:  3.24 ERA) for them the last two season.  Be that as it may, I saw right through Colome as I wrote in this year's Fantasy Sports Boss Draft Guide that the guy was a major bust waiting to happen and should be avoided at all costs.  The reason I had these feelings was due to Colome having below-average strikeout stuff for a closer and also for the fact his control was getting worse by the year.  With such a lesser margin for error and now a bit of a dip in velocity this season added in, Colome is acting like a batting practice machine.  No matter where you look, the numbers are disgusting and so benching Colome outright should have been done by now if you haven't cut him already.  Attention should also turn to who will step up to possibly replace him and that centers on setup men Sergio Romo and Jose Alvarado.

Now in terms of Romo, he has been one of the best setup men in MLB for the better part of the last five years but when given the chance to close in the past, he has struggled.  With that said, Romo has been very good once again in setup this season with a 1.69 ERA and a massive 13.50 K/9.  With Romo clearly showing his stuff is as potent as ever, he could easily slide in to close at the age of 35.  Or the Rays could turn to Alvarado who at 22 represents being a possible future closer for the team and who himself has pitched very well with a 1.29 ERA and just as impressive 11.57 K/9.  Alvarado has had the better control of the two as well so that could give him a leg up there.  If I had to choose just one option though, I would pick Romo given how young Alvarado is and due to his experience as a longtime veteran of the majors.  Either way, you want no part of Colome by any means given how pathetic he has been.

-Another interesting is happening in St. Louis where the Cardinals opened up with great uncertainty in the ninth inning with almost every member of their bullpen being mentioned as a possible closer but then they went out and signed former All-Star Greg Holland to presumably be the guy once he got his legs under him.  In the meantime, free agent signee Bud Norris handled save chances while Holland was in the minors and even when the latter came up more than a week ago.  Unfortunately, any bet on Holland looks like a bit of a dicey one as he walked 4 batters in his first appearance and generally has been shaky as he went into Monday's action with 5 walks in 2.1 IP to go with a 3.86 ERA and 2.57 WHIP.  Meanwhile, Norris has been good with a 2.35 ERA, 1.17 WHIP, and 14 K in 7.2 IP as he logged three saves.  Norris was pretty good when given a chance to save games for the Los Angeles Angels a year ago and so he could be holding the spot for awhile longer the way things are going.  Norris should be owned in all leagues but Holland should be held as well since he has the better long-term prospects in the ninth inning.

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  1. Do you think the Romo or Barraclough is better that Albers at this point?


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