Wednesday, March 7, 2018


The other day I shared with our how all of my 26 picks looked in the annual Fantasy Sports Boss Experts League Fantasy Baseball Draft.  Throughout the spring I have discussed what a first round of a 12-team standard league should look like and now I have a first-hand account of what took place in our league.  

1.  Mike Trout:  Thank you Captain Obvious.  Since I made this pick, it was nothing but a 2 second formality before the choice was in.

2.  Jose Altuve:  Trout-Altuve is how it should look in 99 percent of all mixed leagues.

3.  Nolan Arenado:  Once Trout and Altuve are off the board is where things will start to diverge.  I said myself that Arenado would be my pick at three and this owner felt the same way.  Would have had no issue if it were Mookie Betts, Bryce Harper, or Giancarlo Stanton.

4.  Charlie Blackmon:  A bit early for Blackmon but no one can argue with the insane numbers the last two years.  I preferred Betts.

5.  Trea Turner:  There it is.  This is where Turner is going in most leagues as the allure and excitement of what he can do over a full season is proving way too much to resist.  Of course, Turner has yet to play a full season so there is plenty risk here.

6.  Giancarlo Stanton:  70 home runs is not out of the question so yes this makes sense.

7.  Mookie Betts:  I actually think Betts at number 7 is a value play.  This is still the same guy who was the number 2 pick in most leagues a year ago but is not this season only due to a BABIP-infused drop in average in 2017.

8.  Bryce Harper:  Again everyone did their homework as I have no issue with any pick so far outside of the slight reach on Blackmon.  Yes Harper is a bit more hype than production to this point with just one 30-homer season in six campaigns but we have seen the video-game numbers already.

9.  Paul Goldschmidt:  Without the much-talked-about humidor, Goldy goes third overall without a doubt.  It is an interesting case here as Goldy still will put up very rare five-category number at first base and so there may be a slight over-exaggeration in his dip.

10. Aaron Judge:  Again, massive 50-homer power here but I do think the average will fall some.  I think overall this is an all right spot for Judge but I would have waited a bit longer.

11. Gary Sanchez:  Out first reach here as Sanchez is a late-second round guy in my opinion.  The snaking nature of this draft though likely compelled this owner to act now since Sanchez was not going to make it back to him in Round 3.  Still, it was worth the risk to wait a few picks and get him at 14 in Round 2.

12. Kris Bryant:  Love the pick as I love Bryant.  He should go in Round 1 in my opinion but everyone is different.  

So how did this round go?  Who did well and who messed up?  Post below.  


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