Wednesday, March 14, 2018


Would you be interested in owning an outfielder who can bat .300, score 100-plus runs, swat 10-14 homers, and steal around 15 bags?  Wow, that sounds great you immediately think.  I gather that would cost me about a 7th or 8th round pick correct?  Well in the case of Washington Nationals outfielder Adam Eaton (who is capable of realizing all those numbers in 2018), the answer instead would be Round 14 or 15 instead based on early ADP's.  With a current ADP of 144.3, Eaton is coming dirt cheap in 2018 fantasy baseball drafts and the buying opportunity is immense here given the potential numbers that he can certainly achieve.  So why is Eaton coming this cheap in drafts?  How could a guy who can yield quiet five-category number be so overlooked? 

Well, the first reason for Eaton's slide in 2018 fantasy baseball drafts is no doubt due to the fact he is coming back from a torn ACL suffered early last year.  The injury and near-total wipeout of his 2017 campaign sent Eaton well off the radar of the fantasy baseball community since he was so out of sight/out of mind.  In addition, Eaton has never been a guy that excelled in any one category in a standard 5 x5 league; despite the fact he does contribute in every one of them.  The fact Eaton doesn't stand out in any one spot quiets the hype and causes many to look on by in drafts.  However you the astute fantasy baseball veteran knows better and sees a bargain when presented with one which Eaton is for 2018.  

Now in terms of what Eaton is capable of accomplishing this season, it needs to be stated that he may not, in fact, be ready Opening Day.  Eaton has not yet gotten into an exhibition contest as he takes his time returning to action but he is expected to get back no latter that mid-April.  That means Eaton will have 5.5 months to achieve those five category numbers barring any other injury issues.  Keep in mind Eaton has a tremendous plate approach in terms of having a high contact rate and a high walk rate which makes him a batting average asset.  While his power is not great, Eaton has shown he can pop enough homers to be competitive there.  The speed is more impressive but Eaton may not steal as many bags as he did earlier in his career after knee surgery.  Be that as it may, leading off for the massive Washington lineup almost ensures Eaton will score 100 runs.  

When you put it all together, Adam Eaton is a swell investment for 2018 fantasy baseball and his numbers should really stand out given where he is currently being picked.  Get on board here and rediscover what an asset the guy can be this season but at a very affordable price.  

2018 PROJECTION:  .295 11 HR 55 RBI 109 R 14 SB  

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