Monday, March 26, 2018


Every year at this time yours truly tries to see into the future and select a pitcher both in the AL and NL who COULD win the Cy Young Award but probably won't.  While it would be easy for me to say that Clayton Kershaw or Corey Kluber will win the award, what would be the fun in that?  Instead, I like to pick a pitcher from each league who I think could be a good candidate for the Cy Young but coming a bit off the radar to so do.  So it is in that vein that I went with the following picks in each league:

AL DARKHORSE CY YOUNG WINNER-JOSE BERRIOS (TWINS):  In terms of raw talent, Berrios is right up there with anyone as he possesses some very potent strikeout stuff which is centered on an upper-90's fastball and knee-bending offspeed offerings.  While Berrios did a face plant when he first got a taste of the majors, he got better as the year went on in 2017 and finished with very solid numbers for his first full year in the majors (14 wins, 3.89 ERA, 1.23, 139 K in 145.2 IP).  Still just a baby at 23, Berrios has another level or two of ceiling left to reach and 2018 could be the start of that trend.  I like his chances to become a top 15 starter this season and come close to 200 strikeouts as well. 

NL DARKHORSE CY YOUNG WINNER-ZACH GODLEY (D-BACKS):  I feel even more strongly about Godley's chances to be in the Cy running than Berrios and I am so into the guy this season that I made sure to snag him in one of my two competitive fantasy baseball leagues this season.  Godley is an interesting case in that he was previously a struggling pitcher in the minors/majors before he adjusted his delivery prior to 2017 which unleashed some burgeoning velocity.  Godley now routinely hits the mid-90's with his fastball and his offspeed stuff is off-the-charts at times.  In addition, all of Godley's advanced metrics point to him being an ace real soon and already his 2017 numbers (3.37 ERA, 9.58 K/9).  Hopefully, you got your hands on Godley this spring as the guy is set to do some terrific things and in the process, solidify himself as a top overall pitcher. 

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