Sunday, February 25, 2018


-Miami Marlins catcher J.T. Relamuto continues to show the Washington Nationals why they should trade for him as he went 2-2 with a home run Saturday.  With power that jumped up to a career-best 17 home runs a year ago to go with annually useful averages and uncanny speed for the position, Realmuto should be right there as the next catcher off the board once Gary Sanchez and Buster Posey go.

-Tanner Roark had a terrible 2017 for the Nats but he got his spring off to a nice start by tossing two shutout frames Saturday.  Roark struck out three and gave up just one hit but he barely has SP 5 value coming into the new season.

-It was a rough outing for Rays youngster Jacob Faria as he gave up 3 earned runs in just .2 IP versus Boston. Nothing to worry about here as Boston will do this to a lot of pitchers this year and Faria misses enough bats to be worth a late-round pick.

-Colorado Rockies first baseman Ryan McMahon went 2-for-3 Saturday and is slated already to be the starter there to begin 2018.  While we are not talking about a ton of power here just yet, McMahon is a terrific natural hitter who should be around .300 with a good amount of countings statistics right out of the gate.  Big fan of his.

-Nolan Arenado already has his home run swing in order as he went yard Saturday for the Rockies.  Arenado is our third ranked player overall for 2018 fantasy baseball who really is nothing short of a monster in runs, RBI, and homers; while also hitting near .300.  Don't let him get past the third pick.

-Nothing gets the fantasy baseball excitement meter going more than a young catcher hitting an early spring home runs as Philadelphia Phillies backstop Jorge Alfaro did Saturday.  While there is no denying Alfaro's power, he is Mike Zunino all the way in terms of his insane K rates making me a .230-ish hitter.  Don't overvalue based on anything Alfaro does this spring.

-Dylan Bundy got destroyed Saturday in giving up 5 runs in just 2 innings versus the Phillies.  Bundy is a guy I have sounded the alarm on constantly going back to last season when BABIP and strand rate luck helped keep his ERA down below where it should have been.  With just an all right K rate being a bad match for the AL East, Bundy is a major bust candidate this season.

-Gregory Polanco went 2-for-3 with a home run as he looks to put a very tough 2017 behind him.  A popular sleeper a year ago, Polanco had constant hamstring trouble that derailed his entire season.  The talent is still there however and the much cheaper draft cost should make him attractive once again.

-Ronald Acuna went 0-for-3 with 2 K's and so he stinks.  Now talking more seriously, Acuna is the most talented outside prospect since Mike Trout and should be up by the end of April.  Get ready to pay.

-Shohei Ohtani looked decent in his spring pitching debut by giving up 1 earned run and struck out 2 in 1.1 IP.  Ohtani gave up two hits and generally threw well as attention will now turn to his hitting as there will be some time before his next outing as the Angels go with a six-man rotation.  The six-man rotation will cut down some of the counting pitching numbers on Ohtani which knocks down his value on that side of thing a bit and we don't have a read on his hitting just yet.

-The hype meter is going to get insane for Cubs catcher Wilson Contreras if he keeps having days like he did Saturday when he went 1-for-2 with a home run.  While strikeouts remain an issue and a threat to his average, Contreras has 30-home run power that could fully reveal itself this season.  We like him so much that picking Contreras over Buster Posey is the way to go from this peanut stand.


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