Sunday, January 21, 2018


It is time for another 2018 fantasy baseball Draft Debate and this time we look at the top tier of outfielders in determining who to pick once Mike Trout and Giancarlo Stanton are off the board.  The two names that are in firm contention for this spot are the Boston Red Sox' Mookie Betts and the Colorado Rockies' Charlie Blackmon.  Both guys are five-tool dynamos and both are worth late first-round selection.  As always, let's compare the two via the five standard fantasy baseball categories to determine who in fact should be picked ahead of the other this spring. 

RUNS:  This one is very close as Blackmon has just 25 more runs the last two years combined but the Rockies veteran gets the nod given the fact he is a firm leadoff guy, while Betts has moved among the first three spots in the order. 
ADVANTAGE:  Charlie Blackmon

STEALS:  While Blackmon at one time was a big stolen bases guy, reaching his 30's have eroded his steals to the teens.  Blackmon has 17 an 14 steals the last two years, while the much more active Betts has come in at 26 each of those seasons.  Betts is clearly running at a much higher clip than Blackmon and so he wins this one.
ADVANTAGE:  Mookie Betts

HOMERS:  This one is closer than you think as Blackmon's 37 homers last season seem like an outlier and the 27 he hit in 2016 looks much more believable.  Betts meanwhile has gone for 31 and 24 the last two seasons to stake his claim to this category.  What breaks the tier is that even if Blackmon goes back to 27 homers, he could still beat Betts with that number.
ADVANTAGE:  Charlie Blackmon

RBI:  Batting slightly lower in the order gives Betts the advantage here as Betts has 29 more RBI the last two seasons combined. 
ADVANTAGE:  Mookie Betts

AVERAGE:  Throw out the .264 Betts batted last season as that is a major outlier and he dealt with some horrid BABIP luck.  Betts is a .300 hitter as is Blackmon but the latter has been over .320 each of the last two seasons which gives him the nod/ 
ADVANTAGE:  Charlie Blackmon 

WINNER:  Charlie Blackmon

Yes Blackmon gets the check mark but this was still very close.  In fact, you can make the case Betts is the better value as he is a first-round talen who may fall into Round 2 this spring.  That my friends is a great pick to make under that scenario. 

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