Tuesday, December 19, 2017


The last week is almost here in 2017 fantasy football and with comes the championship games that will be held throughout.  Of course that doesn't mean some last-minute tinkering is not needed for those involved.  Here are the last batch of prime waiver wire adds for the final contest of the season.

Sterling Shepard:  It is likely that the New York Giants slot receiver was banished to the waiver wire after his no-show performance in Week 14 and the series of injuries that preceded it.   Well Shepard once again revealed some big-time ability this past Sunday as he caught 11 passes for 139 yards and a score.  This is the second time in four games Shepard has caught 11 passes and he will be able to torch an Arizona secondary that has been mauled by slot wideouts all season this Sunday.  Get back on board. 

Dede Westbrook:  This guy has been a staple here over the last month and it is especially prudent you take a hard look at him this week after Jacksonville Jaguars top wideout Marqise Lee went down last Sunday.  Lee will be out this week and so Westbrook will become the number 1 (or 1A in deference to the next guy on this list) as the Jags have another plush passing matchup against the San Francisco 49ers sieve-like D.

Cole Keelan:  Yes two Jaguars wideouts in this space which just goes to show you how awesome this team has been this season.  Keelan has caught fire the last few weeks, which include a touchdown in each of the last three games.  If the 49ers defense concentrates too much on Westbrook, Keelan could light things up again.

Blake Bortles:  Let's just call this column "Jacksonville Jaguars Week 16 Waiver Wire Adds."  Yeah even Bortles is getting in on the fun as he has thrown for 7 touchdown passes the last three games and gone over 300 passing yards in two of them.  Playing with more confidence than ever before, Bortles could win some league titles this week. 

Nick Foles:  There is something about donning a Philadelphia Eagles uniform that turns Nick Foles into a superstar passer.  After all he came off the bench to throw FOUR touchdown passes versus the New York Giants last Sunday and get gets another tasty matchup this week versus the Oakland Raiders.

Eric Ebron:  Maybe the light bulb has finally gone on THIS TIME for Detroit Lions tight end Eric Ebron.  All of a sudden Ebron has become Matthew Stafford's best friend with 15 catches the last two games and he always is a major target around the red zone.

Chicago Bears D:  Any unit that draws DeShon Kizer and the Cleveland Brown offensive attack needs to be added.

Carolina Panthers D:  This could get ugly as the Tampa Bay Buccaneers have no healthy offensive players left to put out into the game this week. 


  1. Foles over Brees?

    1. No go Brees. Don;t overreact to one game against a bad NY Giants defense that has mailed it in. Oakland pass D has played well over last month.


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