Thursday, November 9, 2017


What a difference a month makes.  A 4-0 start for yours truly in the Fantasy Sports Boss Fantasy Football PPR Experts League has now devolved into a 5-4 struggle which coincided with losing QB Aaron Rodgers likely for the year with a broken collarbone.  Losing four out of five is enough to test the patience of any owner but the beats have been severe and frustrating as well due to other injuries/underperformance. 

Since the last time I updated you on my team (which was 4-2 at the time), I have made a series of moves to try and hold the fort for the stretch run.  Now taking a top two seed (and a first round playoff bye) is pretty much over and instead I am focusing on just getting into the top six (I have one more win than the first team that is currently out of the playoffs).  Prior to my last post on my team, I was riding Ben Roethlisberger as my QB stoppage after dealing away Ty Montgomery the day Rodgers got hurt.  Well since then I have traded Big Ben, Jeremy Maclin, and Chris Hogan (prior to getting hurt) in a deal for Sterling Shepard and Matt Ryan in buying low on Ryan who has excellent playoff week matchups and Shepard who is now the top wideout in NY for the Giants.  In addition, I traded Packers running back Aaron Jones straight up for wideout Keenan Allen (before Jones laid an egg in Week 9) and also flipped Mark Ingram straight up for Dez Bryant.  So my once very weak wideout corps (led by the brutal off-year of Mike Evans) now has Bryant, Evans, Allen, and Sheppard which works nicely.  Also Ryan played well last week and still has nice weapons around him.  Of course my running back depth has been depleted after dealing away Ingram and Jones and so I have to go with Orleans Darkwa this week who has an excellent matchup versus the San Francisco 49ers who have given up the most points to back this season. 

As far as the rest of my roster, Zach Ertz missing last week with injury really screwed me bad and replacement Austin Hooper has been nothing special.  I did pick up Danny Woodhead off waivers with an eye toward Week 11 in this PPR format and also have the upside of Marlon Mack and wideout Corey Davis on my bench.  All could be factors before too long.  Finally, I dumped the Denver Broncos defense which has been a huge bust and picked up Detroit who has a series of great matchups on tap going forward.  So this is what my taking on water 5-4 team has now.

QB-Matt Ryan
WR-Dez Bryant
WR-Mike Evans
WR-Keenan Allen
RB-Le'Veon Bell
RB-Orleans Darkwa
TE-Zach Ertz
K-Harrison Butker

Chris Boswell (using this week)
Corey Davis
Danny Woodhead
Marlon Mack
Terrance Williams (insurance for Dez injury)
Austin Hooper (using this week)

It has been a struggle but I think I can make it into the playoffs and it is always a new game from that point onward.  How do you think I am shaping up right now?  Honest answers please. 

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