Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Two weeks ago things couldn't have been going any better for yours truly in the Fantasy Sports Boss Experts PPR League.  I sat in first with a perfect 4-0 record and had the best QB in the game (Aaron Rodgers), best running back (Le'Veon Bell), and best performing tight end (Zach Ertz).  Throw in a nice start to Ty Montgomery and things were as good as can be.  Fast forward two weeks later and all hell broke loose as Rodgers was lost with a broken collarbone, Montgomery was dealing with broken ribs and being overtaken by rookie Aaron Jones, and I had dropped two games in a row to fall to 4-2.  Instead of panicking though, I made three trades to stabilize my team prior to and during live games in Week 6 which has so far saved my season.

The first move I made was prior to Week 6 when I dealt Golden Tate for Mark Ingram and Aaron Jones.  Now keep in mind Ingram was playing a part-time role previous to Week 6 with Alvin Kamara and Adrian Peterson around but once Peterson got dealt, I figured there was a nice buy low opportunity.  The fact I was able to net Jones as well in sensing Montgomery was done as the starting running back was icing on the cake.  Of course Tate then goes out and gets hurt but even if he didn't I won that deal by a mile as Ingram has reeled off two 100-yard rushing games in a row, plus three scores, and a bunch of catches.  Jones meanwhile in Week 7 ran wild to fully secure the starting role for the Packers at running back.  At the very least now I have three very good backs with the bye weeks arriving in full force.

The next move I made was literally minutes after Rodgers broken his collarbone in Week 6.  I dealt Montgomery for Ben Roethlisberger from an owner who already had Drew Brees.  He needed a back and figured to take a shot to see if Montgomery would be viable again.  While that hasn't worked out for me, Big Ben went out and threw for two scores this past Sunday.  Another buy low made good. 

Last but not least I also moved my fourth wideout Randall Cobb to a WR-needy team flooded by injuries prior to Week 6 and got back the Denver Broncos defense.  I had no use for Cobb and that was especially true with Rodgers out.  Of course at the time of the deal Rodgers was healthy but I needed help on defense and got on paper the best unit (right Ezekiel Elliott?).  While the Denver defense has been leaky so far to a point, I am happy with the move. 

So overall I need to improve my wideouts behind Mike Evans (Chris Hogan, Jermaine Kearse) but everything else looks good for now.  Tried snagging Andy Dalton off waivers this week since he was going against Indy but no dice.  Picked up New Orleans defense since they get the Chicago Bears and will bench Denver for this week.  So at 5-2 I am happy but man what this team would have done with a sound Rodgers. 

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