Monday, September 18, 2017


Wow Week 2 in fantasy football outdid itself in terms of injuries and this after number 1 overall player RB David Johnson went down in Week 1.  No less than FOUR top 7 fantasy football tight ends came up lame on Sunday with varying degrees of severity.  As is his habit, it starts with the New England Patriots' Rob Gronkowski who is no stranger to injury leading the list and he was joined by Jordan Reed, Tyler Eifert, and Jimmy Graham.  The worst though was Carolina's Greg Olsen suffering a broken foot which will keep him out for months.  Let's check in on each and find out who could be possible replacements.

Gronk:  Yeah here we go again.  Already with serious back and knee surgeries on his resume, Gronkowski came down with a groin injury that the team says is not serious.  Gronk was seen riding the stationary bike on the sidelines after coming out of the game which was encouraging and the Pats seem to be hinting he will be able to go in Week 3.  Of course any Gronk owner has to know this is what they signed up for and at the very least Dwayne Allen should be on their rosters as insurance.

Jimmy Graham:  Already a virtual no-show in the passing game through two games, the Seattle Seahawks' Jimmy Graham is questionable for Week 3 with an ankle injury.  With just 4 catches in two games, Graham has zero value now in fantasy football and honestly since leaving New Orleans, his career has been in a bit of a downward spiral both in production and in health.  While the name brand is still big enough, we actually have reached the point already where Graham could be too much trouble to deal with.

Tyler Eifert:  Call Eifert "Baby Gronk" when it comes to his habit of getting hurt.  Like with Gronk, Eifert has had multiple surgeries in his past that seems to have robbed him of some athleticism and now he already has back and knee problems flaring.  Like with Graham, Eifert is not producing either as he has just 4 catches as well and he is surely not going to suit up Week 3 at the very least.  Again it is all about numbers here and Eifert has not produced there both in 2016 and now so far in 2017.

Jordan Reed:  Reed is being listed as day-to-day with a chest injury but alarms began to blare again when he was seen walking into the tunnel during the team's win over the Los Angeles Rams.  I said from the start of the season to trade Reed if you are an owner before more health trouble arrives and this was after he revealed a fracture in his toe. The fracture alone is a problem in that Reed's stride will be impacted which could lead to leg/knee injuries and now the chest is an issue.  Get out now.

Greg Olsen:  Obviously the big one is Greg Olsen missing the next 6-8 weeks after suffering a broken bone in his foot Sunday for the Carolina Panthers.  What was shocking here is that Olsen is incredible durable unlike the other guys on this list but he couldn't escape the bug that was going on around the league's tight ends on Sunday.  Holding a spot for Olsen in non-IR spot leagues is going to be a challenge with the byes coming up and so even cutting him loose is not out of the question.  However the talent is so good here that this would be a tough pill to swallow.

Some possible replacements for these Pro Bowlers should include David Njoku, Evan Engram, Jared Cook, and Eric Ebron.  Tight end is not as important a position in fantasy football like QB, running back, or wideout but still the owners of the five above are feeling pressure to keep their teams above water.

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