Sunday, August 6, 2017


Don't look now but Buster Posey you got some stiff competition at the top of the catching heap.  No not the recently injured Salvador Perez who now doubt is himself worthy but the instead it is the scorching Chicago Cubs' Willson Contreras who just got done sending another baseball out of the park on Saturday to extend his year.  A highly touted hitting catcher coming up the minor league ladder, Conteras was a sought after sleeper in 2017 fantasy baseball drafts given his rare prowess with the stick while donning the tools of ignorance.  In fact Contreras looked very Posey-ish in the minors when he batted .333 at Double-A in 2015 and then followed that up with a .353 mark at Triple-A in 2016.  With nothing left to prove in the minors, the Cubs gave Conteras the call in the middle of last season and no doubt had to be excited when they saw him come out and bat .282 with 12 home runs in 76 games for a World Series-winning team.  And at just 25 for the 2017 campaign, the hype meter began going through the roof which all of a sudden made Contreras a big time get for fantasy baseball drafts this past March.

Well given his youth, it was no surprise that instead Contreras struggled out of the gate in 2017.  With opposing pitchers now having had an offseason to digest his approach, Contreras batted just .242 in April with all of 2 home runs and then followed that up with a .253 mark with 3 more homers in May.  What happened to the sweet power swing that made Contreras such a force previously?  Was he just a short-term fluke in 2016?  Needless to say, there were some gross overreactions here and I can say for myself that I know this since Contreras was released outright in the Experts League at the end of May.  Knowing how good a hitter he was, I quickly scooped Contreras up in a proactive move anticipating a turnaround.

Well that turnaround did come and also from day one of July when the proverbial lightbulb went on.  Contreras made the adjustment against what pitchers were doing to him and the results have been a thing of hitting beauty to say the least.  For the month of July, Contreraas went nuts to the tune of a n insane .321 average with 7 home runs with 19 RBI.  Even more ridiculous is that Conteras already has 11 RBI for August and I am writing this on the 5th.  In just 18 August at-bats Contreras has 3 home runs and a .444 average to raise his numbers to the following for the season:

19 HR
68 RBI
43 R
3 SB

Looking at the numbers above, those would be tremendous offensive tallies for a catcher if the season ended right now.  Contreras still has almost two months left to add on there and a run at 30 homers now is clearly in play the way he is swinging it.  We are seeing the full unveiling of Contreras the star hitting catcher and his fantasy baseball stock is really shooting upwards fast.  Be very concerned Mr Posey.

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