Monday, August 14, 2017


With one preseason game down and three more to go, here are some key fantasy football stocks that are heading in varying directions as the season approaches.


Julio Jones:  As excellent a WR 1 as Atlanta Falcons WR Julio Jones has been throughout his career, one of the knocks on the guy has been his lack of touchdowns relative to some of the other wideouts located around his tier.  For some reason or another, Jones has only one time in six NFL seasons caught double-digit touchdowns and two of the last three years he has had a lowly 6 despite boatloads of receptions.  The Falcons coaching staff took notice and are now making it a point to target Jones more in the red zone.  Being picked behind only Antonio Brown and Odell Beckham in most drafts, this should help further elevate what is already a sky-high stock.

Mike Williams:  It appears as though San Diego Chargers rookie wideout Mike Williams will avoid missing the entire 2017 season due to a bulging disk in his back as multiple outlets are reporting a possible October return.  The big-play receiver will thus add to the plethora of weapons veteran QB Philip Rivers has at his disposal and while he is on PUP, Keenan Allen and Tyrell Williams figure to get an increase in looks.

Allen Robinson:  There have been glowing reports about Robinson from Jaguars camp as he looks to put a very ugly 2016 season behind him.  Right now Robinson presents a solid buy low price tag and we saw how great a player he can be in 2015.  It all depends on QB Blake Bortles of course which is always risky depending on his annual inconsistency.


NY Giants Skill Players:  The first preseason game was not what you wanted to see in terms of the New York Giants' offensive line as they unit gave up 8 sacks which helped to stunt the offense.  This is not what you wanted to see if you are an owner of skill players Eli Manning, Beckham, Brandon Marshall, and Sterling Shepard.  For as awesome a group as that it, the Giants won't be able to make plays down the field if Manning is under siege.  LT Erick Flowers is a big problem and it doesn't look like things will be getting better.

Leonard Fournette:  The Jags will hold out the prized power rookie running back for the team's second preseason game but it is has to mildly concerning the fact he has a foot injury already which was a chronic issue during his LSU days.  Also talk that Chris Ivory will handle goal-line work despite the size of Fournette is also a knock on his immediate 2017 fantasy football value.  While Fournette will get the lion's share of carries this season from the team, he doesn't look as exciting as he did two weeks ago.

Devonta Freeman:  Freeman joins the Miami Dolphins' Jay Ajayi as RB 1's in the concussion protocol which you never want to see.  With concussions, all things are off the table in terms of expected return date and everything else.  Fresh off signing a massive extension, Freeman still is expected to be the primary back in the Falcons' offense and worth a RB 1 look in Round 2.

Jay Ajayi:  Speaking of Ajayi, he is in fact still in the NFL concussion protocol despite incorrect reports Sunday he was cleared.  This is now the start of the third week Ajayi has been sidelined with the concussion as the nerves begin to form around his stock.  Again all signs are that Ajayi will be fine for Week 1 but you hate to see a player you own come down with a concussion already.

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