Friday, August 18, 2017


There are certain players each summer in fantasy football drafts that seem to just ooze "boom or bust."  These players carry with them quite a bit of obvious ability and the chance to have a big year but there is also an equal chance all will go wrong and they will go completely bust.  Green Bay Packers running back Ty Montgomery fits this mold for yours truly as he looks like someone who will either be a gem of a draft pick or someone who you will be cursing under your breath about well into next spring.  Right now the allure with Montgomery mostly resides in PPR leagues due to his excellent receiving ability out of the backfield for the Packers but he is no slouch running the football either as his advanced numbers such as "explosive runs" and what not all grade out very highly.  It is obvious that Montgomery has a ton of speed and is a true game-breaker both catching and running the football but there are also some major question marks regarding health and how much work he may receive this season.

First some history here and it really begins midway through 2016 when Eddie Lacy went belly up (or too big of a belly down) which opened the door for Montgomery to be the primary back for the Packers.  The fun started in Week 6 when Montgomery caught 10 passes for 98 yards and then followed that up a week later with another 10 catches for 66 more yards.  While he ran for just 6 yards in Week 6, Mongtomery went for 66 the following week as he showed PPR dual ability.  Just when the excitement meter went into overdrive though, Montgomery began a string of medicore to poor games where he failed to rush for even 60 yards in the next 6 contests and and the most catches he had in any one game was 3.  Just when everyone began to throw in the towel on him, Montgomery went nuts in the fantasy football semis by rushing for 162 yards and 2 scores, while also catching a pass for another five.  It was clear Montgomery could run with very impressive results to go along with his obvious receiving skills as a former college wideout.

So why the concern about Mongtomery going into the new season?  Well for one thing, the Packers have been leery to talk about Mongtomery being more than a guy who will run much more than 8-10 carries a game and that puts a cap on his overall impact.  Also there is the not-so-small matter of the Packers drafting TWO running backs last May, with Jamaal Williams in particular looking like a major threat for at least goal-line work.  Then there are the injuries as Montgomery already has a bum leg that will keep him out of preseason game number 2 and it calls into question whether he can handle the pounding that comes from being a primary running back.  All valid points.

With all this said, you can see why there are wildly divergent opinions on Montgomery this season and in standard leagues, I would take a complete pass.  In PPR though he could be a swell RB 2 or a complete bust.  There is no way to tell which way this could go.

2017 PROJECTION:  791 rushing yards 3 TD 48 receptions 455 yards 2 TD  

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