Tuesday, August 22, 2017


If you ask a majority of Texas Rangers second baseman Rougned Odor's fantasy baseball owners at any point so far during the 2017 fantasy baseball season, chances are very good you will get a look of disgust which will then be followed by a railing of how much of a bust he turned out to be.  After all Odor was the darling of the fantasy baseball community back in March as he came off a brilliant 2016 debut when he hit .271 with 33 home runs and 14 stolen bases at the age of just 22.  With a good four years before reaching his prime years, the sky literally was the limit for Odor in terms of what he was capable of doing.  Like with most young players however, Odor hit the skids to begin the 2017 season as his average sank and the power was not exactly quick to come around.  He would hit just .196 in April/March, .216 in May, and .208 in June as his owners went ballistic over how bad he was killing them.  Never mind that Odor hit 17 home runs, scored 47, and drove in 40 with 9 steals in the first half, the average is all anyone could talk about.

And there lies the main issue with Rougned Odor in 2017 and it is the average that has overshadowed what in actuality has been another very good season for the second baseman who again is just 23.  Going into the action on Tuesday, Odor has hit 27 home runs, scored 69, driven in 60, and stolen 12 bases.  Each one of those numbers are terrific, in particular the power which is immense for a second baseman.  Throw in the speed and Odor is a gem of a power/speed second baseman.  However he is still hitting only .221 which gets most of the attention since average is so easy to read in terms of "good" or "bad." The problem there is that Odor's .236 BABIP is horribly unlucky and is down from the .271 mark he has a year ago.  Yes Odor is walking at just a 3.9 BB/9 clip and his K/9 is up this season to 23.2 but that goes with the territory with a young hitter who is still finding his way.  Instead embrace the other four categories which are very good and appreciate that Odor is still a terrific player whose best years are ahead of him.  Remember this next spring when Odor's draft price falls.  He will be some bargain to take advantage of there.

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