Thursday, August 10, 2017


Yours truly has proven the point in the last week about how every player with a talent in fantasy baseball can be of use both to myself and all of you.  In this case, I am referring to Texas Rangers third baseman/outfielder Joey Gallo who I have been a tremendous critic of going back to his 2016 debut.  While I never had any issues with Gallo's monster power, it was his extreme Adam Dunn-like all-or-nothing approach that resulted in .200 batting averages that had me avoiding owning the kid like the plague.  Simply put, I have no use for guys who hurt you in average while helping in home runs which is counterproductive.  However the one caveat was picking up a player more than halfway through a season in order to help in the short-term.  And this is who I got to owning Joey Gallo beginning a week ago.

For starter's, the third base position has been troublesome for me in the Experts League fantasy baseball league.  Yes I own Manny Machado put I have been playing him at shortstop where he has some more value.  Todd Frazier has been my third baseman for most of the year but his bat has been ice cold in particular over the last month.  So that led me to pick up Gallo who has been added or dropped in the Experts League already four times this year.  Basically when he is hot, he is picked up.  When the K's get crazy, Gallo gets dropped.  So I picked up Gallo last week to replace the benched Frazier and needless to say, the move has paid off nicely.  In the 8 games I have owned Gallo, he has homered in six of them and for a total of 7 in that span.  For the season now, Gallo has hit a monster 32 home runs with 61 RBI and 61 runs scored which are tremendous numbers in all three categories.  The homers and RBI go with the extreme power Gallo has but the runs come from the fact he has walked 48 times this season.  The negatives?  Try a disgusting 37.7 K/9 rate that has led to a horrid .210 average.  That average is terrible and take away some of the value from the power but at teh age of 23, Gallo should hopefully make some gains there as he ages.  Until then, Gallo's power can literally carry you for weeks at a time as he is doing for me now.

So in essence, Joey Gallo is your true three-outcome performer who either walks, strikeouts, or homers.  That works in short bursts but until he gains some semblance of plate discipline, Gallo can be tough to deal with for an entire season.

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