Saturday, July 22, 2017


Nothing went right for the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2016.  Or pretty much any year for the franchise going back to the end of the Tom Coughlin era.  So it made sense that the Jags took a stroll back down memory lane this past winter when they brought Coughlin back as part of the front office alignment to help get the team back on track.  A tall order no doubt but Coughlin comes to Jacksonville looking at a team that does have some impressive players on both sides of the ball.  One such player on the offensive side is big-play wideout Allen Robinson who took the league by storm in 2015 by catching 80 passes for 1,400 yards and a crazy 14 touchowns.  With QB Blake Bortles posting a big breakout season in his own right, it appeared both players' fantasy football stocks were heading clearly upwards as 2016 drafts got underway.

Alas the big offensive performance by the Jags in 2015 proved to be a mirage as year ago as Bortles took a giant step back to some truly brutal play and in the process, he dragged down Robinson along with him.  Having been drafted in the second round in most leagues, Robinson was one of the more prominent busts of 2016 as he caught just 73 balls for 883 yards and 6 scores.  Gone were the big plays that defined Robinson's 2015 breakout and gone were many of his owners' fantasy football championship shot.  So with that being the latest memory of Robinson, his name is not exactly jumping out of the mouths of the fantasy football community in terms of being talked about as one of the more sought-after wideouts in the game.

Now in terms of 2016, there is no doubt that Bortles' awful play had a hugely negative impact on Robinson.  As we saw with DeAndre Hopkins in Houston a year ago, the shortcomings of your QB can have a detrimental impact on a wideout's numbers.  After all, a receiver can't throw himself the ball.  So Robinson's numbers dip last season somewhat needs to be taken with a grain of salt.  Unfortunately Bortles is back for another go-round with the team for 2017 and that is not what Robinson's prospective owners want to see.  On the bright side though, Robinson finished very strong the last two games of the year when he caught 14 balls for 129 yards; a stretch that coincided with the hiring of Doug Marrone as coach.  Sure it was a small sample size but it was good to see that maybe Marrone has a better idea of how to get the football into Robinson's hands.

In terms of the ability, Robinson pretty much has it all as he possesses good hands, length, and has a nose for the end zone.  At the very least he should be knocking on the WR 1 door again in standard formats but in PPR he is a clear WR 2 due to the fact that he may not catch more than 80 passes.  Sure Robinson has the talent to blow by those numbers but Bortles would have to go along for the ride which is never a good thing to bank on.

So in the end, Allen Robinson should still be drafted in the early rounds but more as your WR 2 to be safe.  The talent is real and again he could break out big-time this season like he did in 2015 if his QB is even a bit competent.  

2017 PROJECTION:  82 receptions 1,214 yards 9 TD  

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