Friday, July 7, 2017


Luke Voit:  2/4 with his second HR while hitting .333.  Voit no doubt has opened some eyes in the fantasy baseball community as he hits whenever he gets a chance to play.  The Cardinals don't seem to have a spot for him once everyone comes back healthy though so don't crazy here just yet.

Randal Grichuk:  1/4 with his 8th HR while hitting .220.  Guys with limited overall offensive games like Grichuk are being hurt the most in terms of 2017 fantasy baseball value as players like this are all over the place now.

Michael Wacha:  5.2 IP 6 H 1 ER 2 BB 9 K with an ERA of 4.10.  I am shocked how Wacha turned his season around after everything predictably went into the toilet in mid-May as it always does.  While I still wouldn't trust him in any one start from here on out, at least the mojo is positive.

Ryan Braun:  1/2 with his 10th HR while hitting .267.  You just get the sense that it takes Braun 20 minutes just to get out of the bed in the morning; so ravaged has his body become from the juice.

Willson Contreras:  1/4 with his 11th HR while hitting .258.  Contreras has hit well over .300 with power the last month as he starts to fully validate all the hype when he first arrived on the MLB scene.

Adam Duvall:  2/5 with his 20th HR while hitting .280.  This guy should have been in the Home Run Derby and not my friend Justin Bour.

Josh Bell:  2/5 with his 16th HR while hitting .229.  I have waited long enough on Bell's average to come around this season to now think it may not happen.  A definite change in approach is obvious here as Bell seems to have been seduced by the home runs and remember he came up as a .290 hitting type of player with 15-homer power.

Gregory Polanco:  4/4 with his 7th HR and 8th SB while hitting .258.  Man the first half was an abomination but this is a good start for Polanco to at least salvage something in 2017.

Brian Goodwin:  3/5 with his 7th HR while hitting .274.  Now leading off for the Nats and hitting for power, Goodwin should have been in your daily lineup days ago.

Russell Martin:  3/5 with his 9th HR while hitting .228.  Big second halves are always part of the Martin fantasy baseball profile.

Carlos Beltran:  1/4 with his 11th HR while hitting .231.  This looks like it will be it for Beltran as he is having a poor season and has already gone past where I thought he would in terms of longevity.

Lance McCullers:  5 ER in 4.1 IP with an ERA of 3.05.  You should have been entertaining sell high trades weeks ago like I told you to.  McCullers is Carlos Carrasco right on down to the rampant injuries.  It will be a rocky road ahead through the rest of 2017.

Jacob Faria:  6 IP 4 H 1 ER 4 BB 2 K with an ERA of 2.11.  The control was off but Faria kept the damage to a minimum.  I'm a fan.

Chris Sale:  7 IP 7 H 4 ER 0 BB 12 K with an ERA of 2.75.  This guy is something else.

Jose Ramirez:  3/5 with his 16th HR while hitting .330.  When you are hitting .300 in July, the impact of that is monstrous.  Throw in 16 home runs and Jose Ramirez is quietly putting himself in fantasy baseball MVP consideration.

Edwin Encarnacion:  4/5 with his 18th HR while hitting .266.  Encarnacion put his season back together after the mess that was April and May but no way in hell am I going near him in 2018.

Mark Trumbo:  1/4 with his 13th HR while hitting .255.  So I guess this means Trumbo almost has to hit 27 home runs the second half of the season right?

Dylan Bundy:  6 ER in 5 IP with an ERA of 4.33.  You wanted to be smart and not listen to me when I said to sell high on Bundy....and at the end of APRIL!!!!  Talk about foresight.

Jake Lamb:  2/3 with 2 home runs (20 for season) while hitting .285.  If your a starting third baseman in today's fantasy baseball, it is almost a rite to be a monster hitter.

Rich Hill:  7 IP 2 H 1 ER 0 BB 9 K with an ERA of 3.69.  Good stuff from Hill who if not for an ongoing blister issue, could have been a real asset this season.

Robbie Ray:  6 IP 5 H 1 ER 4 BB 13 K with an ERA of 2.97.  I am all over Ray like syrup to an ice cream sundae next season.

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