Wednesday, July 5, 2017


Things change in a hurry in the world of fantasy baseball and Miami Marlins second baseman Dee Gordon can certainly attest to this trend.  After all it was just at the start of the 2016 season when Gordon was an early round draft target of most as he came off a monster breakout the year prior when he won a batting title hitting .333 and also swiped a ridiculous 58 bases.  Throw in 88 runs scored and Gordon was a true three-category speed stud and so he was being drafted as early as the third round in the spring of 2016 as a top tier fantasy baseball second baseman.  Alas, a big of a slow start to April then descended into the disaster that was an 80-game PED bust that instantly tarnished Gordon's name and called into question everything he did in 2015.  Consider that prior to 2015, Gordon struggled to hit for average and was given up for dead by the Los Angeles Dodgers.  Thus expectations plummeted as Gordon returned during the summer where he still stole an impressive 30 bases but his average dropped predictably to .268.

So as 2017 fantasy baseball drafts got underway this past spring, Gordon was looking at a very important season for his stock.  Either put up numbers somewhat close to 2015 or even somewhere in the ballpark or risk having everything from 2015 go into the steroids-aided bin and go right back to being the mediocre speed-specialist he was prior.  So in terms of where we are with Gordon, so far so good on that front as the All-Star break approaches.  For one thing, Gordon's .284 average is decent but of course well down from the .333 from 2015.  Of course asking anyone to hit .333 again would be foolish and so we can at least accept that Gordon is not back in the .260-ish range he was in his Dodgers days and in 2016.  In addition, Gordon is doing his job on the bases with 29 steals in 79 games which is a pace for a high-50's total like he had in 2015.  Throw in 44 runs scored and Gordon is not that far off the statistical ballpark he had in 2015 outside of the average which again is tough to repeat.  So Gordon overall has been quite good and all for the price of a depressed draft price this spring.  Not too shabby.

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