Wednesday, June 14, 2017


Lance Lynn:  5 IP 3 H 0 ER 4 BB 8 K with an ERA of 2.69.  Man Lynn has been every bit the sleeper I said he would be and then some.  The guy for some reason went beyond cheap in drafts coming off the TJ surgery and I say that because he was a Cy Young candidate just prior to going under the knife.  The short memories of the fantasy baseball community.

Daniel Murphy:  3/4 with his 11th HR while hitting .345.  We are talking Edgar Martinez hitting ability at second base now with Murphy the last season-plus.  Anyone who can hit over .340 during that span is truly something remarkable and we are well past the point of wondering whether the power is legit.

Ryan Zimmerman:  3/4 with 2 home runs (19 for season) while hitting .372.  Now we truly need to wonder just how much of a negative impact all those injuries Zimmerman has suffered the last few years ruined his swing and numbers.  Now we also have to wonder when we run out of injury luck here.

Joe Ross:  5 ER in 5.1 IP with an ERA of 6.39.  I dropped Ross in the Experts League even before he was finished with this mess after giving him a one-start trial.  Needless to say he failed that trial.

Andrew McCutchen:  2/4 with 2 home runs (11 for season) while hitting .255.  Don't laugh:  McCutchen is starting to put together a decent season.  The average has been making a slow but steady climb and he has run a bit as well.  All in all anyone who took a buy low here has to be pleased.

Gerrit Cole:  7 IP 3 H 1 ER 3 BB 3 K with an ERA of 4.54.  Of course Cole pitched well since I just dropped him too.  Still only three K's show how much his arm has lost pop since his 2015 and 2016 injuries and honestly I don't think I will miss him that much.  I will say though that my starters in the Experts League are really taking on water so I went around to look for guys to trade for.  What was funny is that there are so many pitching injuries that nothing seemed that appealing in terms of realistic targets.

Logan Morrison:  2/5 with his 18th HR while hitting .238.  Just call him Baby Zimmerman.

Corey Dickerson:  4/5 with his 15th HR while hitting .337.  I really am starting to think the Rays hypnotized Dickerson to believe he was still hitting in Coors Field.

Marco Estrada:  6 ER in 5.2 IP with an ERA of 4.54.  After having thumbed his nose at the BABIP curve each of the last two years, there has been no escape this year for Estrada and in fact, the the regression fairies now want to get their money's worth.  When a pitcher begins to struggle like this while calling Rogers Center home, there is very little wait period before you should let him go.

Jacob Faria:  6.1 IP 6 H 1 ER 1 BB 8 K with an ERA of 1.42.  Again the Rays do power pitching prospects like no one else in the majors.  No surprise here.

Paul Goldschmidt:  3/5 with his 15th HR while hitting .323.  What is funny is that Goldy is becoming somewhat underappreciated in fantasy baseball due to the fact he has been so consistently good that he now falls a bit under the radar.

Brandon Drury:  4/5 with his 8th HR while hitting .296.  Man Drury is red hot and if you haven't picked him up, I guess your onto fantasy football already.

David Peralta:  3/5 with his sixth HR while hitting .319.  For a big Peralta fan like myself (and some will say apologist), I have to admit I was getting tired of the guy.  His home runs have made infrequent appearances but he is more than taking advantage hitting in front of Goldy.

J.D, Martinez:  1/4 with his 11th HR while hitting .303.  What might have been if Martinez did not miss a month of games.

Buck Farmer:  6 ER in 2.1 IP with an ERA of 3.52.  I told you not to get carried away here as Farmer was a just an all right minor league pitcher.  Someone asked me yesterday on Twitter who I preferred for yesterday:  Jacob Faria or this guy.  I laughed to myself before I went with the Rays upstart.  Hope he won money.

Ian Happ:  1/4 with his sixth HR while hitting .207.  He also struck out in his other four at-bats.

Kris Bryant:  2/3 with his 15th HR while hitting .273,  The humidity and heat were insane in New York last night and so it was the closest Citi Field will ever be to Coors.

Jason Heyward:  2/5 with his sixth HR while hitting .262.  Just to illustrate the above point, even Heyward looked like a competent hitter.

Anthony Rizzo:  2/4 with his 14th HR while hitting .253.  I got to hand it to Joe Maddon.  He puts Rizzo into the leadoff spot for the first time in this one and the guy goes out and homers in first at-bat.

Neil Walker:  1/3 with his 9th HR while hitting .271.  Walker has been hitting very well for about the last two weeks now.

Lucas Duda:  1/4 with his 11th HR while hitting .248.  Had a reader text me saying Duda would homer since he had just dropped him the day before.  Sure as shizz.  Doesn't that always happen?  We need to get a side business going in DSF where we find out who was dropped the most the previous day and then load up our lineups with those players.

Zack Wheeler:  8 ER in 1.2 IP with an ERA of 4.48.  I am not going to say we have reached the fatigue stage already with Wheeler but you have to understand too he has not pitched in two years coming into 2017.

Jon Lester:  7 IP 5 H 1 ER 1 BB 10 K with an ERA of 3.89.  While I have my concerns about the rest of the Cubs rotation, I think Lester will get into gear and finish strong.

Yasiel Puig:  2/4 with his 10th HR while hitting .230.  Puig threw in a double middle finger to the Cleveland fans as a bonus.  He will never get it.

Cody Bellinger:  3/4 with 2 home runs (17 for season) while hitting .261.  The K/9 is scary at 31.9 but a 10.3 BB/9 is offsetting some of the damage.  In between, Bellinger's power has been off the charts.  Now we have to wait and see if he is George Springer or something better.

Clayton Kershaw:  7 IP 4 H 2 ER 2 BB 4 K with an ERA of 2.23.  Since we hardly ever have anything to talk about when it comes to Kershaw, we have to mention that his strikeout rate remains down by more than a little.  No signs of injury here though so it could be that Kershaw has altered his approach a bit to keep his back spry.

Marcell Ozuna:  3/3 with his 16th HR while hitting .337.  The average/power combination has really elevated the profile of Ozuna this season and I was a fan coming in anyways.  Good times.

Giancarlo Stanton:  1/4 with his 17th HR while hitting .286.  Speaking of good times, Stanton is in June and still hitting over .280.  You go bro.

Aaron Altherr:  2/6 with his 10th HR while hitting .286.  The average has slipped as I said it would but Altherr should not be taken out of daily lineups yet.

Max Kepler:  3/5 with his 8th HR while hitting .258.  Kepler finished strong last season so perhaps he could be another one of those "heats up in the summer" guys.

Eddie Rosario:  4/5 with 3 home runs (8 for season) while hitting .264.  Scooter Gennett smiled when he saw this.

Brian Dozier:  2/5 with his 11th HR while hitting .256.  Dozier should hit 25-30 home runs.  You happy with that as an owner?

George Springer:  1/3 with his 18th HR while hitting .275.  I think Cody Bellinger has a poster of Springer on his wall at home.

Carlos Correa:  1/4 with his 12th HR while hitting .293.  And to think anyone ever worried about him.

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