Saturday, June 24, 2017


21. Julian Edelman:  Same story as ever here with Edelman being a top PPR wideout but lack of TD's drops him down in standard.  Also the arrival of Brandin Cooks could steal some catches.
22. Golden Tate:  I am a big fan of Tate as he has been an excellent PPR wideout for a few years now and his TD's are solid enough.  Great value.
23. Larry Fitzgerald:  Like David Ortiz in baseball (but clean), Fitzgerald will go into retirement as a stud to the end.  Bump up in PPR.
24. Emmanuel Sanders:  The QB situation has really hurt Sanders more than Demaryius Thomas in terms of fantasy football production.
25. Corey Davis:  Could be the top wideout in terms of fantasy production given the crying need for receiving help in Tennessee.
26. Donte Moncrief:  Still waiting for the breakout from Moncrief but can't argue with setup catching passes from Andrew Luck.
27. Michael Crabtree:  Remains a major TD threat which boosts Crabtree in standard but look for Amari Cooper to ascend to top spot in Oakland receiving hierarchy.
28. Brandon Marshall:  Clearly no longer a WR 1, Marshall could be a sneaky value coming off a rough 2016 and joining with Eli Manning with the New York Giants.
29. Kelvin Benjamin:  It was an overall disappointing season for Benjamin after a hot start in 2016 but another year removed from ACL surgery should help.
30. Eric Decker:  Signing with Tennessee was a good move for Decker's fantasy football value as Marcus Mariota needs a veteran wideout.
31. Tyreek Hill:  In PPR Hill is a potential monster since he is a receiving/running/returning dynamo.
32. Corey Coleman:  Hate the QB setup with the weak-armed Cody Kessler limiting big plays from Coleman but the talent is easy to spot.
33. Willie Snead:  With Brandin Cooks having departed, there are more catches to be had now in the potent New Orleans Saints attack.
34. Zay Jones:  Was a monster reception guy in college and now goes to a Buffalo team in desperate need to receiving help given the ongoing injuries to Sammy Watkins.
35. DeSean Jackson:  Way too all-or-nothing and injury prone to bother with.
36. Rishard Matthews:  Has done some nice work in a quiet manner the last few seasons but now Matthews figures to be pushed down a bit with the new arrivals in Tennessee.
37. Tyrell Williams:  The San Diego Chargers always love to throw the football behind QB Philip Rivers and so Williams should be able to carve at least a backup role in fantasy football leagues.
38. Jamison Crowder:  Still think Terrell Pryor will be the guy in Washington but Crowder has the talent to be heard from.
39. Sammy Watkins:  Just can't stay healthy despite big talent.
40. Martavis Bryant:  Now back from suspension, Bryant has a nice chance here in a potent Pittsburgh passing attack.

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