Friday, June 23, 2017


The deep wide receivers are up next so let's check out who made the first 20 for 2017 fantasy football.  

1.  Antonio Brown:  Duh.  Worthy of the number 1 pick overall in PPR.
2.  Julio Jones:  Less volatility and arrival of Brandon Marshall and Evan Engram could curtail some catches for Odell Beckham Jr. to give Jones the nod.
3.  Odell Beckham Jr.:  While I think Beckham will lose a few catches due to the arrival of the two mentioned above, I think the big plays and yardage will go up due to facing single-coverage.  
4.  Mike Evans:  Finally made into top PPR land last season to go with all his scores.
5.  A.J. Green:  Health has been ill the last couple of years but Green will be force fed all game long this season.
6.  Jordy Nelson:  Getting a bit up there in age but Nelson remains a monster TD producer and reception totals have trended upward the last few seasons.  
7.  Michael Thomas:  This is me telling you Thomas can threaten 100 catches and 10 TD's this season.  Bid aggressively.  
8.  Doug Baldwin:  Lots of TD's the last two years and Seattle not exactly filled with receiving competition.
9.  T.Y. Hilton:  Runs a bit too hot and cold for my taste and value depends almost exclusively on health of Andrew Luck.
10. Brandin Cooks:  Moving to New England and Tom Brady?  Yes please.  
11. Amari Cooper:  Should now firmly pass Michael Crabtree on by as the top dog in the Oakland receiving unit.  
12. Dez Bryant:  Not a fan of Bryant as he is always hurt and now Dallas operating a big run-heavy attack.  Overrated.
13. Alshon Jeffery:  Willing to give him another chance after getting a fresh start in Philly.  Talent is never in question but only health.
14. Davante Adams:  Yes there is room for two top wideouts from same team.  
15. Allen Robinson:  Disappointed last season but Robinson remains a true WR 1 talent.
16. Demaryuis Thomes:  Still manages to catch a ton of balls but TD numbers have dipped sharply the last two seasons.  
17. DeAndre Hopkins:  Was a colossal bust last season and most of it was not his fault as the QB situation in Houston was a joke.  
18. Terrell Pyror:  I think there is major sleeper value to be had here as Pryor heads to the potent Washington offensive attack led by QB Kirk Cousins.  
19. Keenan Allen:  If Allen can ever find health, he is a top WR 1 in PPR formats.
20. Jarvis Landry:  Another PPR gem who has nice durability.  

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