Friday, June 16, 2017


All right let's get this 2017 fantasy football show on the road as we unveil our first batch of quarterback rankings.  If you take part in a single passer league, the depth here makes it a tremendous idea to stock up on wideouts and running backs before going to the well here.  Some guys I already will say I am interesting in targeting given the decent prices include Kirk Cousins, Marcus Mariota, Jameis Winston, Eli Manning, and Philip Rivers.  Let's get to it.

1.  Aaron Rodgers:  Back on top and until proven otherwise.  Second half of 2016 was nearly flawless.
2.  Drew Brees:  Sorry but Brees remains the bets bet to pass for 5.000 yards and over 30 scores despite coming up on 40.
3.  Andrew Luck:  Physical issues have to be factored in now when it comes to draft price.  Talent is as good as anyone in fantasy football but there is high risk.
4.  Tom Brady:  If Brady were 50 he would still be an early round pick.
5.  Matt Ryan:  Had a monster career-year in 2017 and may finally get the due he deserves as a perennially underrated fantasy football passer.
6.  Ben Roethlisberger:  Like with Andrew Luck, the talent is without question but the injury problems are stark.
7.  Kirk Cousins:  Tremendous value here as the Redskins will throw all day long and Cousins has durability Big Ben and Luck don't have,
8.  Derek Carr:  Throw out the freak broken leg last season and get back fully on board with this emerging talent.
9.  Jameis Winston:  Another major value play here as Winston saw DeSean Jackson join an already very strong stable of receivers.  Could explode to top tier status.
10. Marcus Mariota:  A bit of a slow recovery from a broken leg but that will just keep Mariota's draft price down to where he can be a big value.  Was in the midst of a huge breakout last season before the break which validated passing ability.
11. Dak Prescott:  Don't be suckered here.  For as good as Prescott was as a rookie, he operates in a major run-heavy offense that doesn't throw the football down the field much.
12. Cam Newton:  Told you Newton was a bust-in-waiting prior to last season and he went with the plan.  2015 now a clear passing outlier and Newton can't stay on the field of late.  Avoid.
13. Philip Rivers:  I say every year that Rivers is as good a QB value play as here is and that remains true for 2017.  Receiving corps was overhauled over the winter as well which adds to the always durable Rivers' upside.
14. Eli Manning:  Yeah I am an Eli apologist but I can't help it.  They bring in Brandon Marshall and ace receiving tight end rookie Evan Engram to join Odell Beckham and Sterling Shepard to give Manning arguably the best receiving corps in the NFL.  Give Eli once more chance.
15. Carson Wentz:  A nice start dissolved into pronounced second-half struggles for Wentz as a rookie in 2016.  I am a believer in his talent though and think the value could be immense now that the Eagles added Torrey Smith and
16. Russell Wilson:  Again Wilson is grossly overrated as he is not a big numbers fantasy football QB.  Another one whose 2015 seems like an outlier.
17. Matthew Stafford:  I am always a sucker for the powerful arm of Stafford but the numbers don't ever seem to get there.
18. Carson Palmer:  Palmer could be on fumes this season as he looked very shaky last season.  Stay away.
19. Ryan Tannehill:  We keep waiting for the Tannehill breakout to arrive but it seems like the wait will go on forever.
20. Blake Bortles:  Jags already saying Bortles won't be throwing as much in 2017 and that is not a good thing considering he is coming off a major step back last season.
21. Andy Dalton:  Runs too hot and cold to rely on as anything more than a backup.
22. Tyrod Taylor:  Taylor has speed to burn but he doesn't throw the football enough to be fantasy football-worthy.  
23. Sam Bradford:  We have seen this story way too many times to think the rotten endings will ever be anything different.
24. Brian Hoyer:  Will get a chance to start for the 49ers in Week 1 but Hoyer should not be drafted. 25. Mike Glennon:  Could be Brock Osweiler all over again as a guy who flashed in the past but who is not good enough to be a starter.
26. Joe Flacco:  Like how the Ravens overhauled the receiving corps but Flacco has made a career out of being mediocre with his numbers.
27. Alex Smith:  I don't have to tell you to pass this guy on by.
28. Trevor Siemian:  Could lose the starting QB gig to Paxton Lynch on the Broncos which adds to the fact you shouldn't draft him.
29. Cody Kessler:  Only a matter of time before DeShon Kizer is starting.
30. Jared Goff:  If you have Goff on your team, you are trying to finish last.
31. Josh McCown:  It doesn't matter who the Jets start this season as the team is garbage.  Avoid this mess.
32. Tom Savage:  The Texans have potential as a team but are being held back by the poor play under center.  

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